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Zodiacs Ranked By Who Falls In Love The Hardest


Zodiacs Ranked By Who Falls In Love The Hardest

You fall in love the absolute hardest because you trust people before you know them well enough to be certain that they’re trustworthy…


You don’t fall in love that hard because you focus on yourself. You’re the most important person in your life right now, and love isn’t something that you think you need to worry about. You’ll keep your eyes open and date around, but you’re not going to fall in love with the first person you come across. You have a feeling love will find you, and you don’t feel the pressure to look desperately for it.


You don’t fall in love that hard because you’re set in your ways. You date the same type of people, go the same kinds of places, do the same kinds of things, and you wonder why you’re not in deep all-encompassing love. It’s because you’re doing the same things that have proven to not work out for you. If the super hot rich guys have continuously broken your heart, then don’t keep dating them. You’re the reason you don’t fall in love hard, because you’re too stubborn to realizeyou’re not loving the right people.


You don’t fall in love that hard because there are other things you need to worry about. Love is on the back burner for you and it has been for a while, not because you don’t one day want it, but because you’re just too tired from every other part of life to worry about it.


You don’t fall in love that hard at all because you’re having way too much fun in life to get all ~serious~. If you do happen to find love you keep it light-hearted. You don’t want anything in your life to feel heavy, and you don’t think love should be something that weighs you down.


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