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Zodiac Ranking Of Who Will Make The Best Partner In 2018


Zodiac Ranking Of Who Will Make The Best Partner In 2018

1. Libra
Of all signs libras are without a doubt the most loyal. They wear their heart on their sleeve and oftentimes it leads to them getting hurt…

5. Taurus

Unlike Pisces a Taurus is tough. But being that tough means they’ll be a good partner. They are always going to be the dominant one in a relationship. They practice tough love and don’t have a filter. But if you can understand their bark is worse than their bite you’ll see how ruthlessly they fight for you and the lengths they are willing to go for you. They don’t like saying how they feel but they will always show you.

6. Sagittarius

Sags are tough to get commitment out of, only because they think they are better off alone. They are very focused on their life and their goals. They like handling things themselves and they don’t do the whole vulnerable thing or let people in that easy. Their social circle consists of a few people they trust. So love for them is a bit harder. They are easily one of the most guarded signs but once you get through that, you realize why. Sometimes the people who seem like they don’t need love, love the hardest themselves, they just haven’t found someone worthy.

7. Aquarius

An Aquarius is very independent. In relationships they need someone who is going to keep them on a long leash. They don’t thrive in relationships that don’t suffocate them. With that freedom comes loyalty. When dating an Aquarius, you just know they’ll never cheat on you, physically or emotionally. They are brutally honest. They don’t look at relationship as someone to complete them but more of a team. Aquarius’s usually have a history of relationships that last long because when they do choose someone, it’s someone of quality.

8. Gemini

Gemini’s are interesting because so much of how their relationships are depend on the place they are in, in their own life. When they want a relationship they can be the best, most loyal and caring partner everyone would want. But they also have a very selfish side to them and if you catch them at a place where they are just focusing on themselves and their career, they will only look at you in terms of what they can gain from you. Gemini’s are sweet talkers and easy to fall for but they they are also heartbreakers.

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