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How You’re Turning Off Your Crush, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


How You’re Turning Off Your Crush, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You try too hard. You convince yourself that you’re slick as fuck, and you can be…


You’re a passenger-side rider when it comes to romantic partnerships. This attitude also translates to when you’re still crushing on someone. You expect them to make the first move, and your crush may not appreciate the lack of effort you show in attaining their affections.


You’re a natural flirter online. You’re especially great at communicating your flirtation via text, snap, tweet, or even vague Facebook status updates. Unfortunately, in person, you’re pretty plain. Your crush may think you’re being two-faced, or that you’re sending mixed signals. Learn to be as suave as you are online when you’re offline.


Even though you’re one of the most detached and hard-to-impress signs, once you’ve become infatuated in someone, there’s no stopping the floodgates. You become completely enamored by your crush, and sometimes you make them feel overwhelmed by all the attention you’re bestowing upon them.


You’re terrible at flirting. Once you come in contact with your crush, you’re just a bundle of nerves and awkwardness. Your crush may not find it endearing, and think you’re too naive.


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