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How You’re Turning Off Your Crush, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


How You’re Turning Off Your Crush, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You try too hard. You convince yourself that you’re slick as fuck, and you can be…


They’re overwhelmed by the lavish gifts and attention you’re showering them with. Leos are brazen and open about their intentions, and sometimes this transparency can intimidate the object of your affection.


Your crush can sense your uncomfortableness and nervousness when you bump into each other. Although this can be seen as cute, your crush may also see this as self-consciousness. Your temper can also be a reason for chasing your beloved away. If they’ve chanced upon you during a bad day, then they might think that it’s unattractive how quickly irritable you can get.


Libra, you’re one of the cutest – if not THE cutest – of all the signs. But sometimes you begin to question yourself too much. “Should I say hi or not? Why didn’t I text back fast enough? Why didn’t THEY text back yet? Do I look nice today? Can they smell that I had garlic for lunch?” All these thoughts and more are constantly running around in your head. Your crush can sense that they already have you wrapped around their finger, and may easily lose interest if they’re the type who enjoys the chase.


Your innate nature causes most people to believe you are disinterested and passive – including your crush. We all know you are a passionate and lively person once you open up, but the apple of your eye doesn’t know this. They’ll conclude that you’re just too cool for them, and that they don’t stand a chance with someone like you.

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