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Weekly Love Horoscopes: Tuesday 21 November


Weekly Love Horoscopes: Tuesday 21 November

Our love weekly horoscope will give you a deep insight in to what, how and where’s of your love life.


Swimming in romantic Fantasyland might trip you up. There are certain ideals we all have when it comes to love and relationship. How we wish our partner could be, however, often falls short of our unrealistic expectations. This week, you might have a major lesson connected to this theme. If you are trying too hard to fit your partner into a version of your perfect reverie, then you might be sabotaging all of the incredible goodness you actually have right in front of you. See your relationship for what it is. And be grateful for it.


Your partner has the power to shift your world view in many ways. He or she is likely helping you to see life in an entirely new light and because of this, you find yourself falling more deeply in love than ever before. This week, the two of you might feel even more spiritually connected than usual. If you have different religious backgrounds, you’ll honor one another’s faith without it encroaching on your core personal beliefs. Most likely, however, the two of you appear to be in perfect alignment about all of the big life subjects that truly matter.


Communication with your spouse or partner is everything you’ve always wanted it to be lately … and this week that trend will continue. You and your love might focus on ways to move forward with a shared aspiration. The two of you will not only provide endless support to each other, but you’ll find innovative ways of approaching your goals by discussing them together. On your own you might not have as much luck with these ingenious ideas, but since your mate is your sounding board, he or she will encourage your out-of-the-box thinking. It’ll serve both of you well.


If you’ve recently started to date someone, you might feel as if there is something very different about this budding romance. There’s an intensity that you find you share with this person early on — and it might be quite unexpected. Usually people take their time getting to know one another and slowly reveal themselves as they begin to feel more and more comfortable. With this person, however, you find yourself going to the most intimate places quickly … and easily. It’s not only refreshing, it’s real. It might even be love.

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