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Reasons Why He’s Such A Jerk Based On His Zodiac Sign


Reasons Why He’s Such A Jerk Based On His Zodiac Sign

Are you trying to figure out why he is such a d-bag? There are so many different motivations as to why he rubs you the wrong way.

Are you trying to figure out why he is such a d-bag? There are so many different motivations as to why he rubs you the wrong way. Astrological signs have a tendency to follow patterns of behavior, both good and bad. These patterns can be both likeable and dislikable. In the first few months of a relationship in the honeymoon phase, it seems that your guy can do no wrong. As we all know, this phase eventually wanes and you start to see qualities that don’t mesh very well with you. Sometimes, it can lead up to a point where the relationship explodes and you just flat out start hating the guy.

From the guy who won’t text you back to the guy who gets pissed if you don’t respond to his text within 5 minutes, there are simply different ways men can be jerks. But ladies, here is one thing you need to remember: Each sign has their own little set of undesirable quirks and habits that are inevitably going to piss you off. Sorry, but you just cannot have it all. The real question that you must ask yourself is: Which personality flaws are you willing to tolerate? Because after all, nobody is perfect.

12. Cancer: The Mama’s Boy

Cancers will be the perfect catch when you first start dating. His boy next door quality will give you a sense of security. He will clutch you in with his crabby claws and not let go. At first, this is flattering. But then, you realize his vice: He is insufferably clingy.

These men are used to being well taken care of and showered with affection. His mother is usually to blame for over-indulging him in all that co-dependence. This is the type of guy whose mom may call and text him even more often than you do. You might be second best to this queen in his life.

This is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. He can hear any frank comment you say and take it as an earth-shattering heartbreak. However, he won’t be direct about it. He will most likely respond with passive aggression and pout until he gets his way.

11. Leo: The Vain Narcissist

Leos love the spotlight and to be the center of attention (though he probably won’t admit it). Though he may shower you with compliments, just remember that this must be reciprocated. These guys need to feel admired.

If you and him are not “official”, he has a tendency to talk about his other prospects right to your face. He will openly give you every last detail about his beautiful ex in conversation. He will even go as far as to flirt with other women in front of you. But if you do the same to him, he will not be having it.

Leos are full of themselves and often need to be reminded that the world does not revolve around them. You might find yourself putting more effort into the relationship. Or worse, doing special favors for him only to find out that he was never interested in the first place.

10. Virgo: The Critical Perfectionist

These guys are extremely particular about everything in their life—from their life goals to the way they organize their closet, and, you guessed it, the women in their life. They can get high-strung if one little detail is left out, almost to the point of OCD.

Virgo men have high standards and know exactly what they want in their women. You could be out of their league. You could have been runner-up for Miss America. But if you do not have that one quality that they are looking for, you get the boot.

Because Virgos tend to be know-it-alls, they can come off as abrasive. Be careful about the people you bring around them. If they feel someone knows more about something than them, they will try to one-up them. It can feel like jumping through hoops trying to please them, but it’s a lost cause.

9. Libra: The Smooth Operator

Here we have a man with a mellow, melodic voice and an inviting gleam in his eye. His adorable dimples will lure you in, and, before you know it, you’re waking up the next morning in his satin sheets. You feel like a sucker because he had a delivery that you just couldn’t resist.

Libra men know how to put women on a pedestal in order to get what they want. These are debonair idealists who are always on a search for their dream girl. After just one conversation, he knows exactly what you are good for – whether it be one night or an entire lifetime.

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