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Ranking The Zodiacs Based On How Dirty Their Minds And Mouths Are


Ranking The Zodiacs Based On How Dirty Their Minds And Mouths Are

Most people would be surprised by this, but you are actually pretty tame. Compared to the rest of your friends, you never really say anything outrageous or offensive…


You have a dirty mouth and an even dirtier mind, but you are able to turn it on and off at will. If you’re around your grandparents, for instance, you are able to hold yourself back from dropping F-bombs and telling dirty jokes. But when you are around your friends, you are the most szekszual one there. Some of the things that come out of your mouth wouldn’t even be heard in a rated-R film.


You have a dirty mind — but you’re careful around new people. You never know whether you are good enough friends with someone to start calling them a bitch and joking about wanting to fuck them. You don’t want to cross that line too early. You want to become comfortable with someone before you start being inappropriate with them.


When you are sober, you are the definition of elegance. But once someone gets you drunk, you turn into a totally different person. A flirtatious person. A person who curses like a sailor. A person who doesn’t hesitate to talk about how horny they are or what a long dry spell they’ve been going through or how they’re dying for an orgasm.


You actually do have a dirty mind, but only your closest friends know it, because you are careful about your image. You don’t want to look bad in front of your boss or your colleges or your elders, so you are on your best behavior around them. You would never be caught posting a picture of you drinking on Instagram or making a dirty joke on Twitter. You are careful about the way people view you.

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