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Ranking The Zodiacs Based On How Dirty Their Minds And Mouths Are


Ranking The Zodiacs Based On How Dirty Their Minds And Mouths Are

Most people would be surprised by this, but you are actually pretty tame. Compared to the rest of your friends, you never really say anything outrageous or offensive…


Sex is always on your mind, which is why you always find a way to turn an innocent conversation szekszual. When you were a kid, you were the king/queen of that’s what she said jokes. And now, after you sleep with someone new (or even hold hands with them), you text all of your friends to give them the dirty details. You aren’t against kissing and telling. Half of the fun is bragging about what happened the next morning.


You don’t give a fuck what other people think about you, which is why you never change your personality based on who is around. You have accidentally cursed in front of teachers and bosses and your parents — and you didn’t think twice about it. After all, you were just being yourself and acting any other way doesn’t occur to you. If someone doesn’t like the way you speak, they can go fuck themselves.


You are constantly crossing the line with your jokes or going into a little too much detail about your szeksz life. You don’t realize that you’re making other people uncomfortable until it’s too late, because it never occurs to you to censor yourself. But you do respect other people’s opinions, so you’re quick to say sorry and tone it down once you realize it’s not the time or place for your dirty talk.


You love telling dirty jokes. You love hearing dirty stories. And you love talking dirty during szeksz. You have a high szeksz drive, and you are completely comfortable with your body and your szekszuality, so you never hesitate to talk about bedroom activities. In fact, you actually feel bad for people who shy away from those topics. You wish they accepted themselves as much as you accept yourself. 

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