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Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Will Break Your Heart The Hardest


Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Will Break Your Heart The Hardest

A Libra won’t intend to break your heart, which is why they’ll break your heart the hardest. It’s never a part of the plan to hurt you, but they’ll make you fall so hard by being so incredibly wonderful, that if and when they do decide to end your relationship, it stings…


A Capricorn breaks your heart when they don’t prioritize your relationship. They’ll put another aspect of their life first, and your relationship second, which makes you feel unimportant. It hurts when the person you love makes you feel like you don’t matter.


A Virgo breaks your heart when they don’t let you know what it is they’re thinking. They have a million thoughts running around their head, and they break your heart when they fail to share any of them. You don’t know what to do to get them to open up, and your heart breaks because of it.


A Pisces breaks your heart softly. They’re gentle and kind, and they don’t want to cause you any pain. They will ask you what they can do to make the breakup as comfortable as it can be, and they’re willing to do whatever they can to make sure your heart doesn’t completely shatter, and if it does they’re waiting with a broom to sweep it up.


A Cancer breaks your heart with empathy. They’ll end the relationship with the same courtesy they’d want from you if they were in your position. You’ll feel your heart breaking but they’ll make sure to numb you first.


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