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Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Easiest To *Stay* In Love With


Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Easiest To *Stay* In Love With

What happens after Happily Ever After? Here are the zodiac signs ranked based on how hard it is to stay in love with them – ranked from easiest to most difficult.


Surprising no one, Gemini, sometimes you’re super easy to stay in love with and sometimes it’s damn near impossible. When you’re actively addressing your own insecurities and making decisions and choices that help you stay at an emotionally healthy level – then being in a relationship with you is exciting, joyful, and even just fun. But if you instead choose to drown in your anxieties and worries and don’t ask for help, then staying in love with you can feel helpless and frustrating and maddening.


Aries, you’re probably not surprised to hear that you’re hard to stay in love with – because even you know how bad your commitment issues are. You love to fall in love but you get freaked out when the love becomes normal and routine and part of your life. You convince yourself that it means you have to stop your adventures (which is not true) and you end up making it pretty near impossible for your partner to stay in love with you when they feel like they aren’t wanted.

11. LEO

Leo, you are your own worst enemy when it comes to chasing your partner away. They fall in love with your generosity, your warmth, your thoughtful gestures, and your enormous heart. But then you let your arrogant and patronizing side come out, the side that wants to control the relationship and make it perfect and always have it your way, and then it is very, very difficult for your significant other to love you the same way that they did in the beginning.


Sorry to tell you this, Scorpio, but you’re the hardest one to stay in love with. You certainly have some great aspects as a partner – you’re magnetizing and exciting, you’re passionate, you’re good at reading your loved one. But it’s difficult for those things to make up for the fact that you’re also incredibly jealous, secretive, possessive, and stubborn about admitting when you’re wrong. Work on those bad habits though, and you’ll be just as wonderful of a partner as any of the other signs.


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