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Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Easiest To *Stay* In Love With


Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Easiest To *Stay* In Love With

What happens after Happily Ever After? Here are the zodiac signs ranked based on how hard it is to stay in love with them – ranked from easiest to most difficult.


Now with you, Capricorn, it is slightly surprising that you’re higher up on the ‘easy to fall in love with’ – but only because you’re often pessimistic and fatalistic in the beginning of a relationship, always assuming the worst. But when you are actually able to work through that and find someone who tells you to cut the crap, you’re an incredibly supportive and dedicated partner, filled with a wry sense of humor and a reassuring sense of ambition.


Most of the time, it’s very easy to stay in love with you Cancer. You have a huge heart, you’re typically the most thoughtful partner anyone has ever had, and you’re such an intelligent and perceptive person. The only reason it is sometimes challenging to stay in love with you is really that you get in your own way – with your tendency to hold grudges and your refusal to let things go even after you’ve supposedly worked through them together as a couple. These tendencies make it hard to stay in a happy and healthy relationship with you sometimes, but when you can work through them, you’re one of the most loving partners around.


Pisces, for the most part, it’s relatively easy to stay in love with you, thanks to your compassion, your sensitivity for your partner, and your ability to see things from their perspective. What’s keeping you from being one of the easiest signs to stay in love with though is that sometimes you’re not quite sure what you want and you tend to waffle for a long time instead of making an active decision when you need to.


As you’re probably aware of, Aquarius, falling in love with you can be hard and tricky because your desire to protect yourself leads to you cutting people off and not letting anyone close. But if you’ve found the right person who helps you to work through these fears, you can conquer them and be the honest, caring, and self-aware person that is so wonderful to be in a relationship with. But if you don’t find the right person or you don’t choose to work through these fears, then staying in love with you is just as hard as ever because you won’t ever let the relationship go deeper than a certain surface level point.

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