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Monthly Horoscope March


Monthly Horoscope March

Money matters could become more important around the March 12 Full Moon. You have a lot of influence and resources at your disposal.


The Mars/Saturn trine on March 5 empowers you to achieve something big. Be practical and not overly ambitious. You may want to keep a low profile during the Full Moon on March 12, but you’ll still be very busy. Most of your time and energy may go into figuring out what really pleases you best. Take good care of your health and diet now, and be extremely happy about it. Turn yourself loose at the New Moon of March 27. Love what you do and contrive to do it more often and better. Nothing is going to be able to stop or slow you down.


Venus turns retrograde on March 4. Be firmer in looking out for your own romantic interests. Fun times beckon under the March 12 Full Moon. Your social circle may exert a strong emotional pull on your heart, but if it isn’t going to be fun, you won’t be enticed. Your idea of fun may seem tame to your friends, but it’s what makes you happy. The New Moon on March 27 encourages you to make some deep, powerful plans that could turn your world around. Is there something big that you’ve been yearning to start? Plan it now and begin very soon.


The Mercury/Neptune conjunction on March 4 sets you up to think the best of a valued but difficult partner or relationship. Home life and domestic stability are highlighted around the Full Moon on March 12. Your day job or a social event may try to lure you away, but your heart won’t be in it. That doesn’t mean you might not go out for a bit. Social life could spin out of control around the March 27 New Moon. You’ll most likely be the instigator and at the center of it. Play nice and go ahead and rattle a few people’s cages.


The Moon/Mercury szeksztile on March 2 makes it easier to talk about what is beautiful in your life. Let the March 12 Full Moon draw you closer to your favorite people. A neighbor or nearby friend may introduce you to a few new people who are a bit out of the ordinary. Enjoy the variety and the different food, music, and dress styles. The March 27 New Moon lights up your workplace and career plans. A big opportunity could fall out of the sky for you now. If you aren’t mentally prepared, you might not even notice. Be sharp, ambitious, and realistic.


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