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Inner Beauty Ranked Strongest To Weakest Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Inner Beauty Ranked Strongest To Weakest Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Cancer, your love and your sense of warmth is so pure and wholehearted. You’re protective of those you care about, you’re sympathetic even to those you don’t know on a close basis, and…

9. LEO

Leo, like Aquarius, you’d be a lot higher up on the list if you didn’t get in your own way. Your heart is big and open and generous and expansive, and those are qualities you should always, always be proud of. But the potential of those qualities to continue growing will keep being stifled by your ego and your desire to control everything. Once you can get a hold on those pests, your inner beauty will only continue to flourish.


There are a ton of lovely things about your personality, Gemini – you consistently bring a sense of lightness and fun with you everywhere you go, you’re adaptable and open to new experiences, you’re expressive and memorable. It’s just that a lot of people still get confused about how to feel about you, because you can also come off as superficial, closed off, and flakey. People really want to trust you and get to know you on a deeper level, but you have to let them know you and you have to give them a reason to trust you and feel like their heart is safe with you.


Capricorn, never change your secretly goofy sense of humor, or your work ethic, or your sense of wisdom, or your rare quality of patience. But do change your tendency to find the negativity in everything, and do change your tendency to be unenthusiastic and pointlessly judgmental of things that other people love. Just love your things and let them love their things and don’t be surprised if sometimes you find more things in common that you would have thought.


Scorpio, never apologize for being focused and passionate about the things you care about. Be proud of the fact that people find you magnetic and that you have a talent for getting people to care about things. But beware of your sometimes jealous nature, of your inability to let things go. And be aware of your tendency to be resentful of those who experience success that you haven’t experienced – there’s plenty of success available for everyone, and one person’s success is not being taken directly away from you.

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