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Inner Beauty Ranked Strongest To Weakest Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Inner Beauty Ranked Strongest To Weakest Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Cancer, your love and your sense of warmth is so pure and wholehearted. You’re protective of those you care about, you’re sympathetic even to those you don’t know on a close basis, and…


It’s hard not to be drawn to you Libra, because you make every person you meet feel like the only person in the room. Even though you already have an infinite number of friends and probably don’t need any more, you make sure that every person you encounter feels comfortable around you, and welcomed by you, and seen by you. It’s a rare quality in this world, and it’s impossible not to be touched by it.


Without you, Taurus, there would be a lot of people out there who feel like they don’t belong anywhere. One of the most beautiful things about you is your palpable warmth and your desire to make people feel comfortable, to make people feel like themselves, and most importantly, to make people feel like they’re home when they’re around you. You’re so used to being this person for people that you can get a little jealous and possessive when someone else comes into the picture, but it doesn’t make you any less loving – it’s just something you have to keep working on.


Aquarius, you have one of the most honest, virtuous, and pure hearts out there. In fact, your good heart is one of the most beautiful things about you. The only reason you’re not higher up on the list is because it takes people a long time to learn this about you – because you’re the one blocking them from getting close to you on a more emotionally intimate level.


It’s easy to fall in love with the personality of an Aries – your excitement about life and your sense of thrilling adventure is nothing short of contagious and infectious. It’s just that it’s hard to stay in love with an Aries; people don’t often have time to appreciate your inner beauty because you are preventing them from doing so – you can be impulsive and impatient and a commitment-phobe, so people spend way more time trying to get over you than they do getting the chance to fall in love with your inner beauty.

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