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Horoscopes for tomorrow 27-11-2017 “Here’s a day where you can question yourself, just this once…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 27-11-2017 “Here’s a day where you can question yourself, just this once…”

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at



In Relationship ***

Talk to your other half about what makes you unhappy instead of
sulking in a corner. He or she has probably already forgotten
about what you’re upset with! You can’t help but find it
incredibly hard to forgive your partner’s mistakes… Grab the
opportunity, this Monday, to get those grudges of yours off
your chest! Stop bottling up those negative emotions…

Single ***

Talking with friends will help you identify past events that
are still, to this day, preventing you from moving your
sentimental life forward. You’ve been hurt so badly that you
cannot even consider giving love another chance for the
foreseeable future. Get those problems off your chest once and
for all, you will feel much better for it! You don’t have to
spend the rest of your life alone…

Wellness *****

You’re determined to look after yourself and adopt a healthier
lifestyle. You won’t regret making any of the positive changes
you have in mind!

Career ****

You may feel like you’re not exactly made for your current
job… You need to feel useful in the workplace, to play your
part in moving group projects forward… Ask yourself the right
questions and identify what you would like to change about your
professional situation.



In Relationship ******

You’re getting on like a house on fire with your partner and
are even seeing eye to eye on important subjects. You’re eager
to get your joint projects off the ground and are planning a
little surprise for your partner this weekend. You’re also keen
to get the spark back in your relationship and have vowed to
set some time aside for a bit of fun between the sheets…

Single ******

You’ll find it in you to get up off the couch and get out to
meet new people. The stars suggest that an interesting
encounter is on the cards today so you’ll be pleased that you
decided to broaden your horizons. You’ve realized that internet
dating is not the way forward and that social media is not a
solution to your non-existant love life. The world is your

Wellness ****

Set half an hour aside to relax today. There is no point in
running yourself down to the ground.

Career ****

You’re toying with the idea of taking on extra training or
learning a new professional skill. It will require studying on
your weekends or evenings but you’re prepared to do what it
takes to move your career along in the right direction. No pain
no gain, as they say!



In Relationship ****

Your love relationship promises to be rather serene, even if
you figure that it is lacking a bit of liveliness, rhythm and
fantasy. This will suit you today because you hope to stay
quiet, to get into photo albums and memories. One way of
becoming aware of the path taken, the challenges you’ve
overcome, and what is left to accomplish…

Single ****

My single friend, someone you just met could bring a bit of pep
to your everyday life. Uranus will suggest that you meet a very
dynamic and attractive person. They will instantly grab your
attention. However, you will not imagine anything serious with
them because your independence is really very essential to you.
Maybe later…

Wellness ***

You don’t feel tired, also you may be pushing yourself and your
body could sound the alarm…

Career ***

You will not be in a talkative mood at all today. This will
surprise the people you work with if you go in this Monday. As
much as you clarify as soon as possible that you need nothing
but silence before being bombarded with questions!



In Relationship *****

You’re loyal and exclusive and you don’t forgive betrayal and
ambiguity. Clarify a situation, don’t remain in a corner and
dwell over things, maybe you imagined all this. Venus in
conjunction with Pluto, master of your sign Scorpio makes you
jealous and prevents you from seeing reality the way it is.

Single *****

You’ll do everything to interfere discreetly in the other
person’s life and make yourself vital. You’ll be able to
attract the latter through your generosity and heart. You feel
like being wooed but you’re shooting for the long term. So
don’t look for mystery and choose well.

Wellness ****

It’s obvious that you can’t stay put. If you do sports, it’ll
suit you perfectly.

Career ****

If you don’t have the right cards in hand, it’s useless to
unveil your ambitions too quickly, one could pull the rug out
from under you a little too easily. However, if your patience
helps implementing positive elements, it’ll be good.

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