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Horoscopes for tomorrow 23-01-2018 “Mars in Scorpio remains benevolent and is trying to make you come across the right person to share pleasant feelings…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 23-01-2018 “Mars in Scorpio remains benevolent and is trying to make you come across the right person to share pleasant feelings…”

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In Relationship *****

You’re as confident as any captain, you have complete control
over the situation. Of course you would love to possess a magic
mirror and check if the horizon guiding you is as beautiful as
it is in your dreams. Stick to the present for the time being,
especially if it’s pleasant.

Single *****

Your ideas seem to be developing but you need to admit that
everybody doesn’t share your way of thinking or taking action.
You need to let others take initiatives too and not always be
the decision maker.

Wellness ****

You make do with elements come hell or high water. Your ability
to adapt handles the rest and you carry on in your path,
without swaying.

Career *

The day could seem like Waterloo today, if you’re working for a
new project. It’s possible that you might realize that you were
headed the wrong way but you could change directions quickly
and start over again with this project.



In Relationship **

Today, it’s not about your couple strictly speaking but about
you and your position in the couple, which isn’t as bad as what
you might think sometimes. You have the impression of being
left out, not regarded enough. You lack something and you’re
having a hard time putting your finger on it. You can feel it’s
a crucial period.

Single **

Buddy singleton, today your situation will be oppressive more
than usual. You’re obsessed with this feeling of loneliness,
this frustration you can feel deep down. Though, there is no
reason to get discouraged. The heavenly vault will make you
come across someone intimidating, indirectly. You’d better not
underestimate yourself!

Wellness ***

You’ll feel in good shape but you’ll have a hard time handling
your overflowing energy. It’ll make you nervous!

Career ******

The Mercury/Pluto conjunction shaping up in your sign
guarantees impressive intellectual abilities. Developed
analytical skills and a shrewd critical mind will favor your
work. If your activity is to do with research, you’ll be very



In Relationship *****

The Moon-Mars trine is encouraging you to throw caution to the
wind for the greater good of your love life. You’ll take the
bull by the horns in order to defend your shared interests. You
won’t bat an eyelid when faced with a tricky situation and all
your problems will be like water off a duck’s back. You’d
rather focus on the positives.

Single *****

Mars is injecting some much-needed passion into your love life.
You’re riding on a wave of pleasure and are enjoying every
minute of it. You’re busy flirting your little socks off,
blissfully unaware of the risks this entails. Fortunately the
stars realize that you mean no harm and will forgive you your
debaucheries on this occasion!

Wellness *****

The winer weather is clearly doing you good. Those rosy cheeks
and that fresh complexion suit you down to the ground!

Career ****

You’re a valued member of the team and a pleasure to work with.
You always arrive at the office smiling and never let the day’s
events get on top of you. You’re happy to drop whatever you’re
doing in order to help your colleagues and this generosity has
not gone unnoticed.



In Relationship ***

You’re so stubborn! Just when things were getting back to
normal with your partner, you will mention an idea he or she
disagreed with again! Tuesday morning over breakfast really
isn’t the best time to bring this project of yours back up…
You can backtrack all you like, it’s too late: the damage is
done with your other half!

Single ***

You’re surprised to receive a message from someone who stopped
talking to you inexplicably and all of a sudden a few weeks or
months ago. You’re pretty sure it’s because they met someone
back then, and they’re getting back in touch with you now that
they’re single again… Whether that’s the case or not, you
will not accept their offer to go out with them anyway.

Wellness ****

A few minutes on the treadmill or indoor bike everyday would
stop you from feeling sluggish and heavy-legged in the

Career *****

You really want to climb up the professional ladder. You’re
happy to compete with people who are more skilled or
experienced than you today. And such a bold approach could pay
off! As long as you remember to respect your younger colleagues

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