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Horoscopes for tomorrow 22-01-2018 “Your love life is going from bad to worse…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 22-01-2018 “Your love life is going from bad to worse…”

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In Relationship ****

Your admirable way of catching the other one’s look allows you
to get a better feel of things. But you’ll be even wiser if you
could understand your feelings a little better, before rushing
headlong. This is love. On takes turns between being the
transmitter or the receiver.

Single ****

Your charm definitely makes an impact. At times, you wish you
could be even more transparent so that you don’t need to
constantly induce attraction from people, who don’t really
attract you.

Wellness ****

Another thing is for sure, you keep a permanent watch on all
kinds of scams. Your wary nature remains an asset.

Career **

Your level of collaboration will be a little deferred today,
probably disturbed due to the presence of Mercury in Capricorn
who is in your sky. You’re too focused on the annoying thoughts
of your everyday life and this prevents you from taking
advantage of your true potential.



In Relationship ****

Your thoughtlessness and your lack of consideration for your
partner might trigger rebukes on his behalf. Your desire to
have fun, seduce freely, act as if you weren’t in a
relationship won’t please your partner. The latter will really
hold this against you, it won’t assuage the atmosphere…

Single ****

Buddy singleton, today you’ll do everything in your power to
trigger an encounter or at least a relation even if it’s
ephemeral! You won’t feel like committing yourself. You’ll
target inconsistency! You yearn for freedom and due to this
your behavior won’t really be romantic.

Wellness ******

You’ll be in low spirits, it happens to everyone. No need to
panic! Spend time with your friends, they’ll be the best

Career *****

Your professional life might go through changes or
transformations. If it seems disturbing on first glance,
analyze it well as eventually these modifications will turn out
positive for you.



In Relationship *****

Neptune and the Moon are joining forces in your sky to ensure
that your love life stays on the right path. You’ve worked hard
at strengthening the foundations and ironing out the kinks in
your relationship and you fully deserve to reap the benefits.
You and your loved one are there for each other through thick
and thin.

Single *****

The Moon is joining forces with Neptune and giving your love
life a nudge in the right direction. The stars are urging you
to pull your finger out and take matters into your own hands.
You’re subconsciously looking for a mother or father figure in
your next partner and there is a high chance you’ll meet
someone who fits the bill this evening.

Wellness ******

Dear Aquarius, your hair, skin and nails are looking healthier
than ever. This is an outward sign of inner health.

Career ***

Changes are on the horizon at work and, although they may seem
disconcerting at first, you’ll soon find that they work in your
favor. You know how to make the best of a situation and that is
exactly what you will choose to do today.



In Relationship ***

Life has never felt so good! At least that’s what you’re trying
to convince yourself. When you look at it closely, your
relationship isn’t as idyllic as you pretend it to be. Your
other half really isn’t in the mood to keep up with your
everchanging desires… But he or she won’t tell you that, so
as not to spend your whole Monday arguing!

Single ***

You will message someone who you’ve not heard from in ages. A
lack of reply won’t discourage you from asking them if the date
you had planned together remains in the cards! He or is too
busy for it. Hmmmmm. I think we all know what that means! Move
on to someone who isn’t going to make excuses not to see you…

Wellness *****

Be careful not to let your body rust away! It’s important to
keep on exercising regularly, even at this time of the year…

Career *****

Be prepared to put up a fight in the workplace today! You’re
not afraid of competition, as you’re confident in your skills
and abilities. In fact, being put under pressure tends to bring
out the best in you. You’re ready to show off what you can do!

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