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Horoscopes for tomorrow 22-01-2018 “Your love life is going from bad to worse…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 22-01-2018 “Your love life is going from bad to worse…”

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In Relationship ****

The strengthening of your couple awaits nothing but you so that
you play your part. If you shine due to your absences
currently, put aside your jaunts with friends for a while and
devote some time to your personal life. Don’t wait for the
warning bells to start ringing.

Single ****

You might be forced to make a choice and in the midst of this
situation you’ll need to surface with aptness and precision
otherwise taking the wrong path will leave a bitter feeling.
Nonetheless, trust your common sense and instincts, they’re
efficient when they’re pushed to their limits.

Wellness ****

You’re not ready to listen to some things today. Offer yourself
the chance to listen to them better later on.

Career ****

Saturn is in a position to distill his encouraging methods and
if you receive the message loud and clear and use it in the
best possible manner, you can hope for just anything.



In Relationship *****

You won’t forget this Monday in a hurry! You’ll spend the day
in your partner’s arms, staring into each other’s eyes and
whispering sweet nothings. You’re happier than ever in your
little love nest and feel you can accomplish anything as long
as your loved one is by your side. The future is looking rosy
and this is just the beginning of great things to come.

Single *****

Dear Single, if you bump into one of your colleagues outside of
work then be careful not to go overboard with the flirting.
You’ve had your eye on them for some time and are pleased to
have the opportunity to get to know them better although you
have no desire to be gossiped about at the water cooler if it
turns out the feeling isn’t mutual!

Wellness ******

It’s no surprise you’ve piled on the pounds, what with
everything you ate and drank in September! Your body is crying
out for a break.

Career ******

You won’t mind in the slightest if you have to work this
Monday. You know your job inside out and are enjoying your
current projects. Time flies by and you always head into the
office with a spring in your step. If only your colleagues were
as motivated as you are!



In Relationship *

Dear Libra, your partner’s flaws are what attracted you to them
in the first place but now you’re not so sure. The glass is
half empty in your love life and you and your partner are
gradually drifting apart. You’re doing your best to give your
relationship a second chance but it only seems to be making
matters worse.

Single *

You’re doing your best to stand out from the crowd but
dissonances from the Moon aren’t making life easy for you. You
tend to rely on stereotypes when getting to know new love
interests and this is preventing you from meeting your
soulmate. If you had a better idea of what you’re looking for
in a partner then you’d have a better chance of finding it!

Wellness **

You’ll decide to listen to your body and eat when you are
hungry, regardless of what the clock says. Little and often!

Career **

The Moon is turning you into a troublemaker at work and you’ll
soon notice that your colleagues are keeping their distance.
You’ll overstep the mark and one colleague in particular will
waste no time in reporting you to your boss. Try to keep
yourself out of trouble today.



In Relationship *****

You will grab your other half by the hand and take them on a
romantic day out today. Don’t talk about work or money, but
simply enjoy spending time in each other’s company this Monday.
Such a relaxing break will do your relationship a world of good
following a challenging start to the year!

Single *****

You won’t be afraid to meet up with a complete stranger for a
coffee today. Who cares if they’re not your usual type? He or
she seems friendly enough, and that’s all that matters to you
this Monday. You can enjoy spending time with someone even if
they’re never going to be the love of your life!

Wellness ****

It’s only Monday and you’re already exhausted! Not even coffee
or vitamin supplements will manage to perk you up…

Career ***

It’s time to recharge your batteries before yet another
demanding week in the workplace. But you find it so difficult
to switch your brain off and put your feet up! You will spend
at least a few hours working on what was supposed to be a
restful Monday…

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