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Horoscopes for tomorrow 22-01-2018 “Your love life is going from bad to worse…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 22-01-2018 “Your love life is going from bad to worse…”

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at



In Relationship *****

Mercury boosts you and if you feel like rediscovering an hour
glass figure to keep the flame alive, there is a big chance
you’ll be successful. It’s a very good idea and passion will be
present as soon as you set about doing this.

Single *****

If a new relationship still seems sensitive to you, give it
sometime to lay down a more solid foundation. Taking things
fast is never a good thing but you’re well aware of all this,
as you don’t put pressure on the first chance you get.

Wellness **

You feel completely at ease currently, even if nothing
sensational is going on at the moment. You’re in tune with

Career ***

Passing a milestone might seem difficult even impossible to
achieve your goals. Your brain isn’t prepared to give up, you
use all the possible means to get round the problem.



In Relationship *****

You and your partner love each other so much that you can
afford to spend some time apart, with your respective friends
or families, without worrying about the state of your
relationship. You fully trust one another! You will enjoy doing
your own thing this Monday, away from your lover. A
fantastically relaxing day is in the cards!

Single *****

You can expect a wonderful day, my single friend! You will
truly enjoy exchanging texts or private messages with someone
you find incredibly friendly… And pretty attractive too!
You’re truly enjoying the emotions this virtual relationship
fills you with right now. Take your time before you meet up
with that person in real life…

Wellness ****

Stick to a healthy lifestyle if you want to remain on top of
your game from both a physical and mental point of view. Show
some willpower!

Career ******

If you’re working this Monday, you will find it very easy to
express yourself and communicate with the people around you.
Your written communication skills are second to none! Your
carefully-chosen words will allow you to unblock a tricky



In Relationship *

The planetary cycles that dictate the universe can sometimes
distort our perception of reality and dissonances from the Sun
are a shining example of this fact today! You and your loved
one are failing to see eye to eye and keep rubbing each other
up the wrong way. Steer clear of power struggles and mind games
today if you want to calm the waters…

Single *

Your love life is going from bad to worse. The troublesome Sun
is encouraging you to put and end to this budding romance
before it has even had a chance to get off the ground. You seem
to think that the world revolves around you and are ready to
throw the towel in as soon as you don’t get your own way.
You’ll end up regretting your decision but will be too proud to
admit that you’re wrong.

Wellness **

You’re in a milk-and-water kind of mood today. Nothing
disastrous but nothing positive either!

Career *

Dissonances from the Sun are causing you to let your guard down
at work. You’ll spend the day talking about your private life
and using your work email to chat with friends and family. Be
careful as you wouldn’t want to be caught red-handed by your



In Relationship ******

Your partner should be so relieved today! You visibly feel a
lot happier and more comfortable in your own skin. You no
longer hide in your little shell as soon as something goes
wrong between you two. Constructive conversations should take
place today. Your relationship is well and truly moving in the
right direction this Monday.

Single ******

Delighted to have secured a second date with someone who,
you’re convinced of it this time, is right for you, you will
stop hanging out with other single people in order not to give
out the wrong impression this Monday. You only have eyes for
this new lover of yours! You want to prove to that person how
romantic, genuine and reliable you can be.

Wellness *****

Where do you get all your energy from? You never look like
you’re anywhere near running out of gas!

Career **

Keep your eyes – and ears – peeled in the workplace. People
could be plotting something nasty behind your back. Don’t give
out your trust too easily and never reveal too much about your
projects or new potential partnerships.

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