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Horoscopes for tomorrow 21-01-2018 “Today, you’ll be a bit hasty and this may not please everyone…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 21-01-2018 “Today, you’ll be a bit hasty and this may not please everyone…”

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In Relationship ***

There is no reason to be stressed today. The foundation of your
couple is strong and you can lean on this without any ulterior
motive. Venus is on the verge of creating a huge spiral above
your sky and spreading out a protective aura which will remain
strong throughout the day.

Single ***

You have a hard time spicing up situations and getting
everybody riled up. Not too firm or too flexible, this should
be the your motto but of course, it’s easier thinking about it
but once you’re in the heat of the action…things happen
naturally at full tilt.

Wellness *****

You’re good at putting aside major questions related to your
future, but you still read your horoscopes very attentively.

Career ***

There might be some opposition in your sky today in the
professional sector but despite everything it’ll be for a good
cause. It might require some re-assessment which will be
beneficial for you.



In Relationship *****

The planets are smiling down on your love life. You’re getting
on like a house on fire with your partner and all those
problems seem like a thing of the past. You’re back in each
other’s good books and finally feel able to put your doubts to
one side and focus on taking your relationship to the next
level. Romance is definitely on the cards this Sunday!

Single *****

A certain someone has fallen hook, line and sinker for your
charms and you’re considering giving them a chance. You know
it’s time to get back in the game but you don’t want to rush
the healing process. Play your cards close to your chest whilst
you find out more about that person and their intentions.
Neptune suggests that appearances can be deceiving…

Wellness ****

You’re full of energy and glowing from head to toe. Everyone
will be asking you what your secret is today.

Career ***

Your colleagues are behaving unprofessionally and you will
decide to keep your distance from them today. You certainly
don’t want to be tarred with the same brush! Don’t be surprised
if they start talking about you at the water cooler…



In Relationship *

The Venus-Jupiter square is throwing a spanner in the works
when it comes to your love life. Your relationship is like a
weight on your shoulders and you’re starting to wonder what
you’ve gotten yourself into. It’s time to be honest with
yourself and figure out what you really want from your future.

Single *

You can talk the talk but, when push comes to shove, you can’t
walk the walk! You’re giving off the wrong impression, dear
Single, so don’t be surprised if your love interests are
disappointed when they get to know the real you. The
Venus-Uranus duo is turning you into the biggest liar in the
zodiac. A little honesty wouldn’t go amiss from time to time!

Wellness *

If you thought the Moon would help you to get your health back
on track then you were sorely mistaken. It only seems to be
making the problem worse!

Career *

The Venus-Uranus square is causing you to drag your feet at
work whilst your colleagues carry on impressing your boss. To
make matters worse, you’re feeling oversensitive and are prone
to negative thinking. You’re stuck between a rock and a hard



In Relationship *****

You’re terrified at the idea that your other half could, one
day, get bored of spending time with you. He or she will know
how to reassure you by giving you all the love and attention
you need today. You will be so happy to see them do the
housework, for a change! Promise your lover to take them on a
romantic weekend away as soon as your professional schedule
allows you to.

Single *****

How could you go on a date with someone when you don’t even
have the time to see your friends for a drink? Sending a quick
message here and there to various people you flirt with online
is as much as you’re ready to do for your love life this
Sunday. You won’t allow a relationship to distract you for as
long as your professional objectives haven’t been met.

Wellness **

Your headaches are less frequent than in the past. Spending
less time in front of the computer and more time relaxing is
paying off.

Career *****

Devoted to your career, you will spend hours trying to move
your professional projects forward today. You’re convinced that
your hard work is going to pay off sooner rather than letter.
And you’re right! You never do things by halves, do you?

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