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Horoscopes for tomorrow 20-01-2018 “Negative energies from the Moon are a sign of trouble on the romance front so don’t expect your home life to be a happy place today…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 20-01-2018 “Negative energies from the Moon are a sign of trouble on the romance front so don’t expect your home life to be a happy place today…”

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In Relationship *****

Stability seems to assert itself after some ups and downs which
weren’t serious, but they seem to be coming along just like a
song’s chorus. This was expected, if you were to maintain this
and practice this unison phase, well you’re all set.

Single *****

You seem to have achieved your cruising speed today and just
like a perfect chef, you organize your dates in a refined
manner and with style. This makes an impression, don’t change a

Wellness *****

You don’t give up easily, especially if what you’re lusting
after is to do with romance.

Career *

In contrast to the general trend, you’re in the midst of
misunderstandings and disagreements, professionally speaking.
This being said, you’ll perceive signs of dissatisfaction in a
fair and precocious manner and will try to find solutions.



In Relationship ****

Venus warms up the atmosphere…Its conjunction with Sun turns
your emotions into your priority. She encourages you to be more
passionate, more enterprising, but the rest of the context
accentuates your zest for life, your thirst for pleasures. Your
partner will be delighted, but might force you into going

Single ****

Buddy singleton, you’re not really concerned about knowing if
the person you like is available or not! You won’t even think
about it. The main thing you want is to conquer this person. If
you don’t have your eye on someone, you won’t hesitate to go
“hunt” so that you don’t come back alone tonight…

Wellness ***

You feel a little rusty! Get a grip on yourself and join a gym.

Career ******

The end of the week gives you a chance to find a solution which
has been causing a problem for a while now. Thanks to the
Mercury/Neptune szeksztil who will combine your intuition,
reasoning and imagination, your capacities will only increase.



In Relationship *

The planets are putting you on the defensive. The Moon-Mars duo
is making you want to crawl back into your shell until the
problems have subsided but this is a big mistake. You’re taking
your partner’s comments the wrong way and taking offense when
none is intended. Lighten up a bit and try to see that
constructive criticism could benefit you in the long run.

Single *

You’re getting yourself into all sorts of trouble in your quest
to find your soulmate. The Moon-Mars opposition is making you
throw caution to the wind and follow your heart rather than
your head. Your behavior is attracting the wrong kind of
attention and true love wouldn’t touch you with a bargepole!
Fortunately you’ll come to realize the error of your ways

Wellness ***

Superfoods such as blueberries will help your body to fight off
colds and flu. Make sure your pile your plate up high with

Career **

If you’re feeling lost or lonely at work then you can blame it
on the Moon-Mars duo. These two planets have a tendency to make
you see the glass as half empty. You are aware that your next
discussions will have an impact on your future and you don’t
want to mess it up.



In Relationship ***

You won’t criticize or judge your other half’s past life.
However, you feel like you’re in the right to ask to know more
about what they’ve been through the second you one of their old
problems coming back to the surface starts affecting you.
You’re pretty sure it’s not a coincidence that someone is
trying to unsettle your relationship… You’re so happy
together right now!

Single ***

You will run away from complicated relationships today. You
tend to forget that it’s perfectly normal, at your age, to have
a sentimental past. Everybody carries their own form of
emotional baggage! Don’t get mixed up between poisonous
individuals and people who are trying their best to get over a
break-up. Nobody will be good enough for you this Saturday…

Wellness ***

A mixed day in this domain. You’re not fit enough to run a
marathon right now… But you’re not in the mood to either

Career ****

Brave, hardworking and tenacious, you will find it easier than
most to multitask in the workplace today. But you can be too
sensitive for your own good at times! Stop taking your
colleagues and superiors’ negative comments to heart.

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