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Horoscopes for tomorrow 20-01-2018 “Negative energies from the Moon are a sign of trouble on the romance front so don’t expect your home life to be a happy place today…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 20-01-2018 “Negative energies from the Moon are a sign of trouble on the romance front so don’t expect your home life to be a happy place today…”

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In Relationship ******

Your couple needs momentum and this is boosted by Mars who
favors common projects. No need to impose anything whatsoever,
everything can fall into place easily and naturally without
forcing fate. All you need to do is desire this.

Single ******

You might come across an event without noticing that it’s
essential. If someone has a crush on you, don’t wait for the
latter to tell you. You need to keep an alert mind so that you
don’t miss out on something which could make your future more

Wellness ****

You still hope to see changes in areas which need improvement.
Your major strength is that you never give up.

Career ***

Jupiter and Mars might assuage your momentum and fervor a
little while working. However, this won’t jeopardize your goal,
but there might be some delays.



In Relationship *****

Your relationship needs some fun injected into it… and the
sooner the better! You’ve let routine get the better of you and
you’re starting to take each other for granted. Today is a new
day and you’re determined to put the effort in and breathe new
life into your relationship. Mercury is making sure that you’re
full of bright ideas!

Single *****

Dear Virgo, you’ve gotten comfortable with the single life and
enjoy the freedom and independence that it brings you. However,
they say love comes knocking when you’re least expecting it and
you’re about to find out the truth in that today. A certain
someone has their eye on you and will waste no time in asking
you out on a date.

Wellness ****

You’ll look into herbal remedies and the vegan lifestyle in
order to cure those digestive problems. Your body has had
enough of being abused!

Career ******

Your hard work is paying off and your career is on the up.
You’re tying up the loose ends on a project and know you’ve
given it your best shot. You’re pulling out all the stops to
make a name for yourself at work and won’t take No for an



In Relationship *

Your childhood dreams of finding your Prince or Princess
charming are fading into the distance. You believed that
marriage is a fairytale and that you and you and your loved one
would live happily ever after in a beautiful castle. The
Sun-Uranus square is helping you to see that the reality of a
relationship is much less idyllic. That fairytale ending to the
story is becoming less and less likely…

Single *

Something is holding you back and preventing you from opening
new doors. What is it? Fear and loneliness. Your fear of
rejection is depriving you of the courage you need to get up
off the couch and start looking for your soulmate. Planetary
dissonances are doing you no favors by making you give up and
resign yourself to the single life.

Wellness **

Dear Libra, the Venus-Uranus square is passing you its
negativity. You’ll be dragging your feet all day.

Career *

You’re either firing on all cylinders or trailing behind your
colleagues as the Sun-Uranus square is preventing you from
finding a happy medium. You’ll either rush your work and hand
it in full of mistakes or take so long over it that you miss
the deadline.



In Relationship ***

Don’t be afraid to tell your other half that you’re not going
to be home early tonight and, more importantly, explain them
why that is the case. He or she will be a lot more
understanding than you think. However, your partner will be
really annoyed if you don’t warn them that you’re staying out!
Writing a text only takes a minute and it’s the best way to
avoid arguments…

Single ***

You can’t believe it! You find it impossible to understand how
someone you’ve only exchanged a few messages with could ask you
to justify yourself today. But hang on… Did you forget about
the drink you were supposed to go for with them tonight? So
embarrassing! Apologize and plan another date with that person.
Just make sure you don’t forget about it next time…

Wellness ****

You’re exhausted, from both a physical and mental point of
view. You finally understand that it’s time to put your feet

Career ***

You don’t always see eye to eye with your superiors, which
could bring various problems your way in the workplace. Don’t
give up on your ideas! You know how important you are to your
current company…

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