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Horoscopes for tomorrow 19-01-2018 “Venus and Uranus are getting under your skin and encouraging you to make some changes in your love life…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 19-01-2018 “Venus and Uranus are getting under your skin and encouraging you to make some changes in your love life…”

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In Relationship ***

You lack time and this is what is causing trouble. This is also
certainly the right time to make some room for your couple life
as the pace you’ve been maintaining isn’t doing so. If you were
to review your priorities, it could give your couple the
rightful place.

Single ***

Your desire might head towards the intellectual today. Assuming
that combining the useful and pleasant isn’t totally without
foundation, you have a great chance at experiencing a mix of

Wellness ***

You never turn your back to the first difficulty which comes
along and this is a great quality which you often put forward.

Career ***

Your talent as a negotiator might be put to test today and you
might run short of arguments. Regardless of your sector, you
need to be creative to convince and you’re stimulated by such



In Relationship *****

Stars inspire you! Good for you as you need to bring novelty in
your couple so that you don’t fall into the passion-killer
routine. Determined to get your relationship back on the track
of passion, you’ll boost your partner so that he accepts to be
freer, more natural. Just like you!

Single *****

Buddy singleton, you’ve noticed that someone has had their eye
on you for a while. Today, you’ll give this person a shot!
You’ll get rid of common preconceptions and give the latter the
benefit of the doubt. Indeed, you got a whiff of this person’s
reputation and some of his actions. You prefer to judge on

Wellness *****

You’re overflowing with energy, but you’ll have the habit of
scattering yourself, due to your need to handle everything,
know everything and experience everything…

Career ****

Uranus continues to look for squabbles, but luckily Jupiter is
by your side. You should be able to express your ideas, present
your projects and be heard. You have many ideas and your
entourage won’t always be able to keep up with them!



In Relationship *

If you’re tempted to pick holes in your partner today then
think twice as it could come back to bite you on the butt. If
your partner feels like they’re under attack then they’ll only
end up in distancing themselves from you. The warning signs are
there so make sure you take them seriously. You’re under the
impression that you’re walking on eggshells and quite rightly

Single *

If you decide to take a risk in love today then bear in mind
that you could get hurt in the process. The Sun-Uranus square
is encouraging you to act recklessly but you’ll only have
yourself to blame if you take its advice. Your head is in the
clouds and you’re living in a fantasy world. The sooner you
come back down to Earth, the better.

Wellness **

The Moon is joining forces with Mars in your sky and your
health is about to take a turn for the worse. Fortunately it
will only be temporary.

Career **

You feel like you’ve gone down a dead end with your career and
don’t know whether to cut your losses and get out or carry on
slaving away in the hope that the situation changes. The
Sun-Uranus square is making you realize that not everything is
as it seems.



In Relationship **

Be as understanding as you can and don’t let small details
upset you so much. Easier said than done with Venus moving into
your shadow sector today! You can find it difficult to identify
the things you and your other half disagree on. Shame, as
you’re ready to go out of your way to prove how much you love
them this Friday!

Single **

If you meet someone today, don’t expect to spend the rest of
your life with that person. You won’t have much in common!
You’re simply attracted to each other from a physical point of
view, and bored of spending most of your time alone. You won’t
have a lot to say to each other… A one-night affair is just
about as far as you two will go together.

Wellness ****

You’re exhausted, but you find it impossible to go to bed
early. Get some fresh air and empty your mind.

Career *****

Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams today. Determined to move
your career forward, you will finally take the initiatives
you’ve had in mind for a while today. Mercury will help you
meet your professional expectations in no time!

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