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Horoscopes for tomorrow 19-01-2018 “Venus and Uranus are getting under your skin and encouraging you to make some changes in your love life…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 19-01-2018 “Venus and Uranus are getting under your skin and encouraging you to make some changes in your love life…”

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In Relationship ***

Exchanges don’t always head in the direction you wished for,
but it’s essential that harmony is the only goal in your
couple. Neither winners nor losers. This could actually be the
only ideal solution but it’s a long way to go and the state of
mind varies depending on the moments.

Single ***

Venus forces you to highlight your wide variety of talents to
seduce. This is where it seems as if nothing can stop you and
you give yourself the necessary means to have a winner’s

Wellness *****

You might have the habit of postponing certain responsibilities
to make room for well deserved relaxation.

Career *****

Uranus might grant you some freedom which will allow you to
recharge your batteries. Don’t refuse this substantial break
that could come along at the right time and boost your
motivations and make them even stronger.



In Relationship *****

Venus and Uranus are getting under your skin and encouraging
you to make some changes in your love life, no matter how
daunting it may seem at first. Your relationship will flourish
as a result and you’ll vow to stop sitting on the sidelines
from now on. This is just one of your good resolutions for the
new year.

Single *****

A new recruit at work has made a big impression on you! You
can’t take your eyes off them and will do everything in your
power to make sure you find yourselves on the same team. You
are keen to find out more about them and, most importantly,
find out whether they are single. Don’t make it so obvious

Wellness ******

You’ve got a lot on your plate and will need an extra pair of
hands in order to get everything done. Don’t run yourself down
to the ground when help is on hand.

Career ******

You’ve got a crush on a colleague and it has become a pure
pleasure to go into work every morning. Matters of the heart
aside, you’re keeping on top of your tasks and are ready to
show your boss what you’re capable of. Good on you!



In Relationship *****

You’ve got your loved one wrapped around your little finger and
they won’t think twice before following your orders. The
Jupiter-Pluto szeksztile is bringing out your fiery side and your
partner can’t hide their excitement. You’ll throw caution to
the wind and book that vacation of a lifetime, no matter how
expensive it may be. You only live once, after all!

Single *****

Dear Single, your kind heart and generous nature make you good
relationship material. You’ve had enough of your single status
and want to find someone to share your life with. A certain
someone is showing an interest in you and you are advised to
take it slowly and let destiny do the rest. All the ingredients
are there and the rest will happen when the time is right.

Wellness *****

The Sun-Uranus square is a sign of circulation problems to
come. Speak to doctor as soon as there is a hint of trouble.

Career ****

You like the idea of being your own boss and finally feel ready
to take that all important step and go it alone. You’ve got all
angles covered and have done your research thoroughly in order
to increase your chances of success. You don’t want to dive in
at the deep end without being prepared.



In Relationship ****

You cannot really understand your other half, but you will
allow them to go out with their friends, as that’s what will
make them happy today. Don’t lecture your partner about not
spending enough time with you, he or she simply needs to clear
their mind this Friday… Even if you would have liked to be
invited too!

Single ****

You’re not sure about someone trying to chat to you online
today… You’re not ready to meet up in real life with that
person just yet, and a virtual relationship isn’t what you want
in this domain. Explain it to them as tactfully as you can, but
don’t delete them from your contact list, you could change your
mind at some point in the future…

Wellness ****

You’re great at dealing with stress throughout the day, but
you’re totally exhausted at night as a result. Have a rest!

Career ***

You’re in the mood to climb up the professional ladder, and you
know how to set realistic objectives for yourself in this
domain. Keeping your feet on the ground at all times is the
best way to avoid painful reality checks in the future…

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