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Horoscopes for tomorrow 18-01-2018 “The astral configuration is bringing out your daring side and you’re using it to give your relationship a new lease of life…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 18-01-2018 “The astral configuration is bringing out your daring side and you’re using it to give your relationship a new lease of life…”

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In Relationship **

Try to calm down matters today,as you won’t be able to solve
all disputes, even if they don’t seem complicated. If you don’t
feel like getting to the bottom of things, it’ll be wise to
devote some of your attention. So that you get a better view on

Single **

There are constraints and these can be finished off admirably.
Don’t be abstruse too quickly during a date where the
differences seem distant from your daily worries. There is
always a possibility for dawning interest after an adjustment

Wellness ****

Your optimism is a great driving force for you and influences
your entourage.

Career ****

All the elements aren’t present to make you the man of a given
situation, but Mars’s presence combined with Jupiter gives new
favorable momentum for ongoing works or allows to rekindle the
ones which were at half-past for a while.



In Relationship ******

The astral configuration is bringing out your daring side and
you’re using it to give your relationship a new lease of life.
When a once in a lifetime opportunity comes your way you’ll
seize it with both hands. Be spontaneous and trust in the
future of your love life. The stars suggest that you’re in safe

Single ******

The day has gotten off to a good start and it will only get
better by this evening. The stars are working overtime to get
your love life back on track, once and for all. You won’t know
what’s hit you when you bump into someone from your past and
feel an immediate connection. Rest assured that the feeling is

Wellness ****

You’re in good shape and are enjoying taking better care of
your body. There is a lot to be said for healthy eating.

Career ******

Mars and Jupiter are at play in your sign and your career is
going from strength to strength as a result. The other five
planets are also doing their bit to give your professional life
a nudge in the right direction. Nothing will stand in the way
of you and your objectives.



In Relationship *

You’re beginning to accept that there are more negatives than
positives in your relationship and are wondering whether it’s
time to cut your losses and move on. The Sun square is giving
you the courage to pack your bags and remember that it’s better
to be alone than in bad company. Make an appointment with a
divorce attorney to run through your options.

Single *

Dissonances from the Sun will make you want to get back in
touch with your ex. The memories will come flooding back when
you hear their voice but you’ll be thrown back to reality with
a thud when you find out they’re engaged. You’ll be in floods
of tears for the rest of the day. Why oh why did you not leave
that door shut?

Wellness **

Jupiter is your ally today and will help you to not buckle
under the pressure at work. In fact, you’ll do it all with your
eyes closed!

Career *

The Sun square is making you late with your work projects and
it looks like you’re about to miss those deadlines. The
pressure is on but you’re failing to rise to the challenge.
You’ll decide to put your feet up, bury your head in the sand
and deal with the consequences later.



In Relationship ****

In the end, sticking to your guns will make you sadder than
anything else. You’ve done nothing wrong, so don’t apologize to
your other half, but please stop being so demanding of them!
They’re not supposed to be in charge of every single aspect of
your relationship… It’s time to bury the hatchet and make
peace with the love of your life. Enjoy a sensual evening

Single ****

You will tell someone who’s recently stood you up exactly what
you think of them if you happen to randomly bump into them when
out in town! He or she is dead to you… Move on to your next
target. You’re already chatting to someone you like a lot
online. Don’t make the same mistake as in the past, ask that
person to meet up with you in real life as soon as possible!

Wellness ***

You’re looking for reassurance in this domain. Pay your doctor
a visit if you feel tired all the time. They’ll tell you that
it’s perfectly normal!

Career ****

You need to find out more about those new working conditions
your bosses are talking about. The position they’re offering
you is a very good one as far as the future of your career is
concerned. It’s now time to weigh up the pros and cons of such
a move…

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