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Horoscopes for tomorrow 18-01-2018 “The astral configuration is bringing out your daring side and you’re using it to give your relationship a new lease of life…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 18-01-2018 “The astral configuration is bringing out your daring side and you’re using it to give your relationship a new lease of life…”

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at



In Relationship ***

You’ll tackle the important topics related to your couple with
style. That doesn’t mean that you’ll easily find the right
solutions. But when this happens, your entourage will
appreciate this and treat you like a magician. This doesn’t
prevent you from still believing in a better tomorrow.

Single ***

It’s quite possible that during an interesting encounter, an
exterior element might disturb the latter and thwart the
possibility of a date which means a lot to you. If things were
to lose control in such a manner, it’ll be better to postpone
this, if it is meant to happen it will.

Wellness ***

Your sky won’t encounter any planetary attacks as far as your
physical resistance is concerned. This makes room for a
pleasant day.

Career ***

Routine seems oppressive and reassuring to you. You’re torn
between these two feelings, tired of always doing the same
thing and anxious due to the unknown. You’re not always easy to
keep up with.



In Relationship ***

The planetary configuration of the day will not encourage you
to kiss, cuddle or be kind to your partner today. Teased by the
planets, you will struggle to choose how to behave in your
other half’s company this Wednesday. Keep a cool head instead
of losing your temper. Shouting would make you feel better for
about 10 seconds before making things a lot worse between you

Single ***

It’s hard to keep up with you, my Taurus friend! Potential
suitors will find it so difficult to understand you today…
You’re in the mood to socialize and meet new people, but a lack
of patience and tolerance could really put those strangers
off… Come on, you’re a lot more cheerful and friendly than
that in real life!

Wellness ****

Relax in the evening following a pretty stressful day. Do what
you usually do to chill out when you need it most!

Career *****

You have a lot on your mind, but you will manage to stay
focused on your professional tasks this Wednesday. Helped by
Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn, you won’t say much, but what
you will say will hit the spot!



In Relationship *

Your moods are up and down and you’re giving off mixed signals
as to how you view the present and future of your relationship.
Your partner will need an Enigma machine in order to decipher
your coded messages! They’re doing their best to read between
the lines and interpret your thoughts but you’re certainly not
making life easy for them…

Single *

Dissonances from the Moon are making you over-demanding and
unreasonable this Wednesday. Your eccentric personality is
attracting you plenty of attention from the opposite szeksz but
you are incapable of holding down a relationship for more than
five minutes. Hold off a while longer before wearing your heart
on your sleeve.

Wellness **

If you don’t dress up warm then you can only blame yourself
when you get sick. Put your winter coat on and stop believing
you’re invincible!

Career *

The Moon-Uranus square is encouraging you to cut corners and
disregard the rules and regulations today, which is very unlike
you! You’ll arrive late, clock off early and help yourself to
an extended lunch break. Don’t expect your actions to be
without their consequences…



In Relationship *****

You’re in the mood to make long-term plans with your partner,
to prove to your other half that you’re in it for the long haul
with them! He or she may not be in the same constructive
mindset, and could struggle to buy into your ideas. Don’t try
to convince them at all costs. Give them all the time and
affection they need to feel comfortable in your company.

Single *****

A potential suitor needs time. And so do you! Perfect… Your
first exchanges are a lot more pragmatic than romantic, but you
two will slowly but surely hit it off and fall for one another!
Isn’t it great to have someone with whom you can share all your
secrets? You’re willing to believe in the magic of love again.

Wellness ***

Remember to stretch several times throughout the day. Your neck
and back need looking after. Your whole body is slightly too
tense at the minute.

Career ****

You will be given the chance to shine in the workplace today.
Grab this exciting opportunity with both hands, but please
remain humble in the process. Some of your colleagues could
become jealous of your success… Understandable!

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