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Horoscopes for tomorrow 14-11-2017 “At first glance, your relationship is doing pretty well…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 14-11-2017 “At first glance, your relationship is doing pretty well…”

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In Relationship **

At first glance, your relationship is doing pretty well. But
you find it difficult to move your union forward these days. In
fact, you’re afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and
making the same mistakes as in the past. But what is done is
done. Leave the past behind and focus on the present moment.
Don’t stop yourself from making exciting plans with your
partner just because it didn’t work out with an ex of yours…

Single **

You feel slightly frustrated… When you like someone, they’re
not free or not ready to commit to a long-term relationship.
And when someone likes you, you’re not that into them! Not only
is it upsetting, but it could also lead you to get back in
touch with an ex of yours! Which is probably the worst thing
you could do right now…

Wellness **

You spend the vast majority of your energy looking after the
people around you. Put yourself first, for a change!

Career *

Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it
doesn’t exist. There’s still plenty of time for you to move
your career forward before the start of 2018! You’re in a
pretty defeatist mood in the workplace today. You’re simply in
need of reassurance…



In Relationship **

Your partner is getting fed up of your mood swings so don’t be
surprised if they give you a wide berth today. You feel that
they are asking too much of you whereas they feel you are not
putting enough effort in. You could cut the atmosphere at home
with a knife and will get your wires crossed all day long. Take
a breather and spend some time by yourself.

Single **

You’re quickly realizing how little you have in common with
this person. You got carried away with the flirting but now see
that it was a case of mistaken judgement. Their mood swings and
dictatorial character have left a bitter taste in your mouth
and you’ll soon decide to keep your distance altogether.
They’ll be too interested in themselves to even notice though!

Wellness **

You’re running on empty and are feeling the effects of Mercury
in your sign. It’s time to get back in the driving seat.

Career ****

You pride yourself on the quality of your work and aren’t
afraid to get your hands dirty. You’ll be beaming with pride
today when your boss compliments you on your efforts. A new
challenge is just what you need.



In Relationship ****

At times you feel like you’re relationship is too connected…
You are afraid that you are losing yourself by maintaining this
exclusive intimacy. You will make a point of holding on to a
part of your inner sanctum so that you find your true identity.
Your partner will need an explanation because they don’t see
things in the same way…

Single ****

My single friend, it’s sometimes good to settle down, look into
the mirror of truth, and ask yourself what you really expect
from a relationship, what you are ready to give so that it
happens and lasts… This is what you will do today. You will
become aware that by understanding your desires better, you
will have more of a chance in fulfilling them and to assert

Wellness *****

You will channel your energy and avoid being clumsy which can
lead to injury.

Career *****

Mercury treats you to great skills in expressing and
communicating. In Sagittarius, the star will make negotiations
regarding your plans easier. Assisted by Saturn, it will give
you the required thoughts so that you don’t fall into the smoke
and mirrors trap.



In Relationship ***

It’s great to rediscover calm in your relationship! You get rid
of obstacles which come along in your way in an efficient
manner and you decided to communicate together. That’s a good
thing as things left unsaid in a couple is never good. This
clarification is an opportunity to address your love life in a
different way.

Single ***

You’re looking for a reliable partner on whom you can count.
One night stands aren’t made for you, even if at times you
could meet a rare gem. It doesn’t really seem probable for the

Wellness ***

Maybe you’re frustrated that you don’t have what you want and
this puts you in a bad mood.

Career ******

You got the chance to use your analytical ability during a
professional meeting. You’ll show your talents and ambitions
and they’ll be more than appreciated. Mercury helps you express
yourself clearly and simply. You use the right words.

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