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Horoscopes for tomorrow 14-11-2017 “At first glance, your relationship is doing pretty well…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 14-11-2017 “At first glance, your relationship is doing pretty well…”

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at



In Relationship ******

Your other half only has eyes for you on this opening day of
the week. Expect them to ring, text or message you several
times throughout the day to ask you if you fancy doing anything
nice tonight… Open-minded and understanding, you’re able to
take your relationship to the next level this Monday!

Single ******

Someone you often see in your workplace is seriously interested
in you… Or could you bump into that person where they work?
Either way, you could find the love of your life on the
professional front today. Listen to your heart, stop being
afraid of making the same mistakes as in the past. The future
belongs to those who believe!

Wellness *****

Dynamic and in a good mood, making the most of what life has to
offer is your priority. Please remember to drink enough water!

Career ******

You’re on top of your game on this opening day of the working
week. Creative and in a good mood, you get on well with your
colleagues and complete all of your tasks on time. Your bosses
see you as the perfect employee this Monday.



In Relationship *****

You’ve got your partner wrapped around your little finger and
know exactly what to do to get your own way. You could be
accused of manipulating your other half but you’d rather see it
as simply charming them round to your way of thinking! You’ve
made your fair share of mistakes but are keen to move forwards
and turn a new page. You’re certainly off to a good start!

Single *****

You’ve got your heart set on a certain someone and are busy
honing your detective skills in order to find out more about
them. There is no point using an internet search engine to get
to know them better though! If they have sparked your curiosity
then pluck up the courage to ask them out on a date so that you
can find out the truth for yourself.

Wellness ***

Your eyes are bigger than your belly! It’s still possible to
enjoy life’s pleasures whilst looking after your body.
Moderation is the key.

Career ****

Structural changes in the workplace will require much more
organization in the way you carry out your tasks. This
shouldn’t be a massive problem for you although you are anxious
about how your colleagues will react to the changes. There is a
lot at stake.



In Relationship *****

A very pleasant climate will allow you to grow in total
serenity within your home. There will be a sense of humor.
Thanks to them you will play down all the situations before
they get too out of hand between the two of you. Your
relationship will be more kind and harmonious than ever with
the slightest everyday gesture.

Single *****

My single friend, at least one can say that you are getting a
grip on your love life! You won’t just stand there waiting for
something good to happen to you. Mars will make you bold,
enterprising and Mercury will whisper the words you need to say
to you to get a yes to an invite. Your charm and poise will be
put to the test.

Wellness ***

If you have some doubt about a health problem, go get a check
up. Also consider naturopathic medicine or osteopathy.

Career *****

You will have a tendency to idealize what you should get out of
it, to aim for perfection out of a fear of not being recognized
for your true worth and to be excluded from a team. Rest
assured that you will have all the required abilities to see
your tasks through!



In Relationship ***

A relationship is built day after day and sometimes you seem to
forget this notion and want “everything!..and immediately”!
Take the time to appreciate the present moment and don’t ask
yourself too many questions. Change in the situation is
favorable and you’ll have a lot to gain.

Single ***

Saying that everything is dead calm won’t be the reality. This
will concern exchanging ideas from the cultural viewpoint and
make your day enriching. Promising discoveries are within
reach. An exhibition, museum, visiting a monument will create
beautiful encounters and new contacts.

Wellness ****

Not always easy to say the right thing at the right time. In
such times, it’s better not to be hasty.

Career **

You might reach a saturation point today and you’re having a
hard time establishing consistent order. Don’t hesitate to call
upon help, it could be essential even inevitable.

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