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Horoscopes for tomorrow 13-11-2017 “You’ll meet someone today who will have a profound effect on your…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 13-11-2017 “You’ll meet someone today who will have a profound effect on your…”

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at



In Relationship **

If you’re incapable of making decisions today, at least allow
your other half to choose what to do on your behalf this
Monday! Don’t force him or her to spend the whole day at home
simply because you don’t feel like doing anything on this final
day of the week… Trust them and their ideas. They will come
up with something you will enjoy, believe it or not!

Single **

You don’t know whether you should stay stranded in a
complicated past or move on to an unknown future on the
sentimental front. Constantly hopping from one to the other
isn’t doing your mental wellbeing any favor! Why don’t you try
to enjoy the present moment instead? Make the most of what life
has to offer today. The planets have plenty of surprises in
store for you!

Wellness **

Go for a long walk and give meditation a try this Monday.
You’re too nervous and impatient for your own good today!

Career **

Your career is a standstill. You feel like you’re in exactly
the same position as you were a few years ago. You’re once
again finding it very hard to move towards your objectives.
Forget about the past! All it does is hold you back… Your
situation is nothing like it was before. Believe in yourself!



In Relationship ****

You’re not in the best of spirits and had planned to have a
quiet day and keep yourself to yourself. Fortunately your
partner has other ideas and is determined to bring you out of
your shell today. They’ve noticed that you’re feeling down in
the dumps and are making it their mission to put the smile back
on your face. It seems to have worked a treat!

Single ****

A certain person has sent your head into a spin and you can’t
get them out of your mind. You’ve fallen hook, line and sinker
for their natural charms and can’t wait to see what the future
holds. You’ll be pleased to learn that the feeling is mutual
and that special someone only has eyes for you. There is every
chance that this budding romance will go the distance…

Wellness ***

Keep the exercise to a minimum today as you’re already running
on empty. A relaxing bath and an early night would be much
better for you.

Career **

You’re not performing to the best of your abilities at work and
know that urgent action is needed. Your job is no longer giving
you a sense of satisfaction and you feel like you’re stuck in a
rut. Polish your CV, brush up on your interview skills and get
looking for new opportunities!



In Relationship ****

Mercury may end up coming along to complicate your
interactions. However, you will try your best to hide your
annoyance about the topic. You will prefer to give priority to
an agreement that, apart from this little hiccup, will go
rather well. You will decide to make the most of the times
where you will feel in sync and don’t insist on anything else
so that you don’t ruin everything.

Single ****

My single friend, you will totally feel at ease with strangers
which will add to your charm… Venus and Jupiter will
emphasize your desire to experience all of life’s pleasures and
you will not deprive yourself of them today… You will do what
you can to forget those frustrating moments by having a greater
sense of humor and more optimism.

Wellness ****

Dare to delegate to the person you think could do it. You need
rest. Schedule some relaxation time slots for yourself.

Career ***

Some complications are to be expected because of the Mercury
and Saturn opposition. You could run into obstacles with
communication, have a hard time getting important information
that you expected or even supplies that are held up



In Relationship ***

If you maintain some peace, your couple will be able to spend
the day without coming across the traps laid down by mundane
stress. If you give latter the upper hand, you’ll be swimming
against the tide. If you come across clashes, you’ll soon
realize that they’re nonsensical.

Single ***

Mars in Libra makes you handle words and open dialogue in an
area which seems to trigger arguments among your relations and
friends. If voices are raised, calm things down and don’t wake
up emotions which will be hard to handle. Forget about your
“Cancerian” sensitivity. They only want your happiness, mostly
they don’t want you to be single.

Wellness *****

Such zeal, one has a hard time keeping up with you. Stop the
vitamins otherwise you’ll explode!!!

Career ******

The ones who work in an area which has anything to do with art
or creation have a great chance at being inspired. So don’t
hesitate to dig your ideas deeper, especially if your
objectives depend on the latter.

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