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Horoscopes for tomorrow 13-01-2018 “You’re very sensitive to your surroundings today…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 13-01-2018 “You’re very sensitive to your surroundings today…”

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In Relationship **

Neptune is momentarily blurring your ideas in your emotional
life. You don’t really know what you want. If you’re married,
you’re having a hard time finding balance with your partner. Be
very clear when it comes to your partner so that you avoid
misunderstandings. Take a step back, it’s beneficial in such

Single **

Under the fiery rays of the Sun, you’re going to increase your
powers of seduction and race heartbeats as you go along. This
star gives you magnetism and charisma which will make you
irresistibly charming. You’ll get many opportunities. Highlight
your charm, a little makeover and you’re on!

Wellness ****

If you do sports, don’t forget your breathing so that you can
control your stress.

Career ****

Even if the things that are taking shape in front of you don’t
boost your motivation, the inner fire animating you feeds on
other things to trigger promising enthusiasm and this causes
admiration around you.



In Relationship *****

The presence of the Venus-Uranus square is not necessarily a
bad thing, despite how it may first seem. Venus is joining
forces with the Sun and Pluto and your relationship is reaping
the benefits. You’ll pluck up the courage to try out new things
in the bedroom and will wonder why you didn’t put your
inhibitions to one side sooner. You could get used to this!

Single *****

You’re sick of meaningless flings and one-night stands and
finally feel ready for a serious relationship. The stars are on
your side and will help you to make your dreams come true
today. Nevertheless, your ex is still playing on your mind and
you need to turn that page once and for all before getting
involved with someone new.

Wellness ******

Your diet needs some urgent attention. Digestive problems are
your body’s way of telling you something is amiss.

Career ******

You’re finally putting your thoughts into action today. Your
creative energies know no bounds and you’re no opposed to
taking a risk or two either, as long as it gets the job done.
Dear Virgo, your nerves of steel will be your saving grace



In Relationship *

You’re sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines when it comes
to your relationship and will vow to take matters into your own
hands today. Revenge is a dish best served cold, as they say,
and you’ve got plenty of tricks up your sleeve. Your partner
has not been showing you the respect you deserve recently and
they are about to get a nasty taste of their own medicine.

Single *

You’ve developed a tit-for-tat attitude when it comes to love.
The Venus-Uranus square is bringing out your spiteful side and
convincing you that, because you have been hurt in the past, it
is ok to treat your new love interests like a piece of garbage.
It’s not their fault that your ex left you broken hearted…

Wellness *

The Sun-Uranus square is sending your hormones all over the
place. A trip to the doctors wouldn’t do you any harm.

Career *

Problems in your personal life are spilling over into your
professional life and preventing you from concentrating on your
projects. You’ve got a lot on your plate and the Venus-Uranus
square is leaving you unable to cope with the pressure.



In Relationship ***

Your personalities will clash today. You will find your other
half less open to dialogue than usual. On the other hand, you
really struggle to accept anyone disagreeing with you at the
minute. Those misunderstandings won’t threaten your union, but
you and your partner both have to learn how to compromise
sooner rather than later…

Single ***

Not being able to find someone who’s right for you is making
you extremely sad. You’ve had enough of looking for love, but
you don’t want to remain single for any longer. Take a seat
back on the sentimental front. Have faith in your destiny. Life
may have a beautiful surprise in store for you in this domain!

Wellness ***

You feel dynamic one minute and exhausted the next. You could
find it difficult to find the right balance between the two

Career *****

You always work to the best of your ability, and today will be
no exception. Inspiring and efficient, you know how to make
your voice heard in the workplace. You could be trusted to take
care of an important mission or to lead a group project this

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