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Horoscopes for tomorrow 12-11-2017 “You’re literally on fire! Your emotions are out of control today…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 12-11-2017 “You’re literally on fire! Your emotions are out of control today…”

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at



In Relationship *****

You’re literally on fire! Your emotions are out of control
today, which is great fun for your other half! He or she loves
seeing you so passionate, even if you can get on their nerves
at times. Your original ideas will help you spice your
relationship up. If your partner is also from a Fire sign, they
will be in exactly the same dynamic mindset as you this
Saturday. Impressive!

Single *****

You can feel butterflies in your tummy but you don’t really
know why! In fact, you feel like something exciting is about to
take place on the sentimental front, which of course makes you
very happy. And you’re right, too! The planets are in the mood
to give your love life a welcome boost this Saturday.

Wellness ****

You can expect an enjoyable Saturday if you remember to put
yourself first for time to time! Stop devoting all your energy
to others.

Career **

If you’re working today, a few situations will need clearing
up. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and confront
people who are trying to hold you back. Some of your colleagues
are desperate to see you fail… Don’t hesitate to stir up a
hornet’s nest!



In Relationship ****

You and your partner are both looking to improve your living
conditions and ensure a comfortable future together. You’re
planning on investing in property and can’t wait to move to
this next stage of your relationship. You both share the same
hopes and dreams for the future and know that a happy home life
is an integral part of that.

Single ****

You are advised to step out of your comfort zone if you want to
increase your chances of finding romance. Sitting on the couch
looking at dating websites is not the answer to your problems
so get out and about in the real world! You’ve had your fair
share of disappointments on the love front and are determined
to make the right decisions from now on.

Wellness ****

Weigh up the pros and cons before throwing yourself into a new
physical activity. Are you sure you’re cut out for this?

Career ***

You’re sitting on your laurels at work and your boss has
noticed your lack of motivation. Your defeatist attitude is
preventing you from getting your projects off the ground. An
increase in responsibilities will give you a much-needed burst
of motivation.



In Relationship ******

A pleasant atmosphere will ease communication between you.
Communication that is however not mandatory, as you will easily
figure out your expectations that are reciprocated. Each of you
will pay attention and be devoted to each other. Public
displays of affection will not be a thing today, everything
will be done intimately.

Single ******

You will feel good about yourself, you will seem relaxed by
putting thoughts to the side. The people that gravitate around
you will approach you much easier, as they will no longer be
afraid of being judged or to appear less cultured than you.
It’s a good start so that you are no longer moping around by

Wellness ****

Make sure you don’t ruin a good thing as your body could give
you a strong reminder! Make the most of this day by being

Career ******

You will benefit indirectly from an amazing fire triangle.
Let’s just say that energy, ardor and courage will not be
lacking for you today. You will handle your business with a
deft hand by knowing how to manage sensitivities on all sides.



In Relationship ***

You’re stubborn and you have no intention of letting your
partner dictate your behavior. If you take decisions without
any dialogue, there could be clashes with your partner. Don’t
be surprised if you witness unpleasant and unkind remarks and
if your partner doesn’t agree with you.

Single ***

If chemistry is present, this isn’t the time to weigh the pros
and cons. You need to sometimes forget about your usual
questions as you’ll see this can do some good too. You ask
yourself too many questions. You have a strong mind and never
let it rest. For once, go with the flow and don’t think about

Wellness *****

Your sky has gotten rid of adverse wind, Jupiter accompanies it
efficiently throughout the day. It’s good for the morale.

Career ******

Mercury makes you extremely efficient. You’ll be able to take
advantage of this all the while making sure that you don’t get
carried away as it could reverse the trend. Try to remain
simple and tempered.

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