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Horoscopes for tomorrow 11-01-2018 “Positive energies from Mars are helping you to start the day on a positive note…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 11-01-2018 “Positive energies from Mars are helping you to start the day on a positive note…”

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at

Don’t miss your horoscopes for tomorrow! Check it out at



In Relationship ***

You don’t give enough importance to little details in life
which could actually jazz up your everyday love life. Some
romanticism and a Bohemian lifestyle won’t hurt. Your solution
is a well-balanced and subtle, it sways between rigorous
realism and a wise flexible mind.

Single ***

Today, Uranus might destabilize your exchanges due to many
reasons but your clear-sightedness helps you avoid making
mistakes which could lead to annoying situations that could
last a while. In this sector, you don’t have an equal and even
if you don’t always lack self-assurance, you possess efficient
outer self-confidence.

Wellness **

Everyday life might have its share of pleasant surprises. Given
this simple concept, today’s tedium might move forward in the
right direction.

Career ***

Quick and easy, you’re spirited today but you yourself may not
be able to keep up with the pace you impose on others. A coffee
break once in a while is appreciated and useful to revive the
pace of your troops. Think about it.



In Relationship *****

You’re so happy together that you could, on very few occasions,
come across as slightly too direct and enthusiastic for your
other half’s liking. Stop teasing them, don’t contradict them
just to get a reaction out of them! Make the best decisions for
the future of your union, convince your partner that your ideas
are great for the two of you as diplomatically as you can!

Single *****

My single friend, it will take more than beautiful eyes or a
charming smile to win you over today. You obviously like
good-looking people, but you need an intellectual connection
with someone in order to give them a chance to impress you in
this domain. A strong personality is also more than welcome…
No wonder you’re still single!

Wellness ****

Uranus asking you to step up a gear in various domains of your
life could send your stress levels through the roof today. You
hate feeling rushed!

Career ****

Arguments could break out between colleagues or superiors
today. Keep a cool head, show great compose and solve those
problems as they arise. Not everyone can be as chilled as you
when the going gets tough in the workplace!



In Relationship *****

Positive energies from Mars are helping you to start the day on
a positive note. You and your partner are getting on like a
house on fire and won’t be able to take your eyes off each
other today. You’ve managed to settle your differences and iron
out the kinks in your relationship and are now looking to the
future with renewed optimism. Good on you!

Single *****

You’re reassessing your views on love and accepting that you
still have a lot to learn. The Sun-Mars szeksztile is showing you
the error of your ways and is encouraging you to take
responsibility for your actions. If you wear your heart on your
sleeve too easily then you’ll only get burned. Dear Gemini,
you’re finally starting to see things as they are.

Wellness *****

Food intolerances are making you feel under the weather. The
Sun-Uranus square is making you prone to digestive problems.

Career *****

You like a challenge and so it’s safe to say that you’ll be in
your element today thanks to the Sun-Mars szeksztile. Your
professional contacts will be instrumental in helping you to
seal a very important deal. You’ve put the hard work in and
you’re about to reap the benefits.



In Relationship *****

Let’s hope that your other half doesn’t try to take you for a
ride, as you will see them coming from a mile off today!
Nothing gets past you and you will skillfully know how to turn
every situation to your advantage this Thursday. You will not
hesitate to challenge your partner’s behavior, as you don’t
want misunderstandings to affect your relationship in the long

Single *****

You feel strongly attracted to someone in particular, even if
you find it hard to agree with every single one of their views
and ideas. Don’t worry, he or she is tolerant enough to give
someone able to challenge their beliefs a chance. In fact, that
person actually loves how genuine you are in their company! You
stay true to yourself at all times, and it looks like it’s
finally paying off.

Wellness ***

A hot alcoholic drink to ease flu-like symptoms? Why not, but
don’t give yourself a hangover in the process!

Career **

It’s time to stop lying to yourself. You don’t feel comfortable
in the workplace these days. You’ve had enough of arguing with
colleagues who, according to you, aren’t working hard enough.
Pointing out their flaws doesn’t achieve anything!

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