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Horoscopes for tomorrow 08-12-2017 “The Sun in Sagittarius will bless you with an optimistic mood that will have positive repercussions on your relationship…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 08-12-2017 “The Sun in Sagittarius will bless you with an optimistic mood that will have positive repercussions on your relationship…”

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In Relationship ***

Since you will no longer know how to communicate with your
partner, you will use your pen express your love for them.
While you will hold a grudge, you won’t say anything about your
sadness and you will hide your heartache in your keyboard so
that you don’t startle them and put less pressure on them.

Single ***

You will get the feeling that your neurons are jumping all over
the place because you will not understand anything that this
person will say. You will not be a complete idiot and you will
figure out that they will be looking to meet someone who is not
interested in a platonic relationship. You will still have
doubts about their motives to search for a long term affair.

Wellness ****

You are not very worried about your shape. You will be quite
physically dynamic and a little morally aggressive.

Career **

You will not always be easy to mix with and you will be seen as
odd. You will not understand why your work colleagues will give
you the cold shoulder. The problem will probably come from the
fact that your partners will think that you consider them as



In Relationship *****

Don’t expect anything out of the ordinary to happen to your
relationship today. If you and your partner have been together
for a while, being shown love and attention on a daily basis
constantly reminds you that you made the right choice. You want
to let your significant other know how happy you are to share
your life with them!

Single *****

You usually find it very hard to make the first move on someone
who’s caught your eye… But you could be brave enough to take
the plunge today! It doesn’t really matter whether that person
accepts to go on a date with you or not. You can be proud of
yourself for overcoming one of your biggest fears and asking
somebody you like out!

Wellness ****

You will be given the chance to show off your skills in a
particular sport you’ve been playing a lot recently.

Career *****

Even if work isn’t exactly the main thing on your mind, you
shouldn’t let your bosses down today. Impressively responsive
and scarily efficient, your ability to follow your superiors’
directives will help you attract attention for all the right
reasons in the workplace.



In Relationship ******

Passion isn’t currently present. You prefer having discussions
with your partner and getting his opinion on the choices you
need to make in your professional life. A slight decrease in
libido but this cold spell in your couple doesn’t bother you.
Try to be affectionate with your partner.

Single ******

There is a sweet atmosphere and efficient moral support in your
couple life. Mars supports your sign and gives you a chance to
share view points with your partner and receive encouragement
from the latter. But think about love and feelings too, don’t
hesitate to express them to avoid misunderstandings.

Wellness *****

You’re extremely dynamic and might experience insomnia. This
might be due to your habit of thinking too much.

Career *****

People give you a chance to forge ahead. This might be in the
form of support from a colleague who has experience in your
sector. Your activity might call on a specialization and
require financing. This is an important step for you.



In Relationship *

You and your partner have had your fair share of disagreements
recently and everyone seems to be taking sides with your
partner. Even the asteroid Pallas seems to have it in for you!
You’ll decide to change your strategy today and try to see your
loved one’s point of view in order to avoid falling out with
friends and family. Pride comes before a fall, as they say…

Single *

Dear Pisces, your excessively high expectations will be your
downfall today. If a potential lover doesn’t meet all of your
criteria from the word Go then you’ll give them the elbow
before you’ve even got to know them. It is rarely possible to
find physical perfection and emotional compatibility at the
same time so you might have to make some concessions. The
choice is yours…

Wellness **

Pallas is making you feel nauseous and lethargic. You know your
body is in desperate need of some TLC so what are you waiting

Career ***

You’ve got plenty of experience in your current position but
unfortunately not the diplomas and degrees to back it up. This
makes changing companies or departments difficult as you are
often overlooked due to a lack of qualifications.

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