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Horoscopes for tomorrow 08-12-2017 “The Sun in Sagittarius will bless you with an optimistic mood that will have positive repercussions on your relationship…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 08-12-2017 “The Sun in Sagittarius will bless you with an optimistic mood that will have positive repercussions on your relationship…”

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In Relationship *****

Come ons from one of your acquaintances seems out of place as
long as they know your romantic situation. You will stay true
to your convictions and to your partner who you love. Out of
caution, you will speak to your sweetheart in a way that they
will be no gray areas between you. Your honesty will strengthen
your love.

Single *****

While you were ready to get more involved with this date, an
old love affair will crop up. You will take the time needed to
clarify the situation. You really don’t want it to be a
hindrance to your new relationship while you picture spending
the evening, even the night with your heart’s desire.

Wellness ****

You will have to find a happy medium between hyperactivity and
doing the least. You will find your balance.

Career *****

Driven by great enthusiasm and ready to outdo yourself, you
will attract the admiration of your work colleagues. Obviously,
there will be the other side of the coin with some jealousy and
some sharp criticisms that will still affect you.



In Relationship ****

Your relationship is clearly making a few people you know
jealous. You and your partner are not just great lovers, you’re
also fantastic friends. Don’t listen to what anyone may have to
say about your union behind your back. You’re happy together
and that’s the only thing that matters. Love is all you need!

Single ****

You’re fed up of being alone, my Virgo friend. You would like
to share your life with someone who loves you as much as you
love them. Don’t worry, you should bump into your soul mate
sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, go out and talk to as many
people as you can! Don’t miss out on a good night out with your

Wellness ****

Saturn asks you to look after your body more carefully today.
Drink plenty of water and stick to a healthy diet this

Career ******

In the workplace, you love listening to your colleagues’
problems, sharing a joke or two, talking about your love life
or even flirting with your co-workers! You’re adaptable and
always right in thick of it… Your colleagues all absolutely
adore you.



In Relationship ******

Your partner might take part in your activity. You could even
plan on doing an activity together. You’ll be charmed by your
partner’s devotion and this will get you even closer. There are
strong discussions, don’t forget about szekszuality which seems to
be at half-mast. Your couple gives you the impression of being
solid as there is sharing.

Single ******

You appreciate the situation and like being by yourself. Being
single gives you a chance to go out with old friends you
haven’t seen in a long time. Perfect love doesn’t come along
and you wait for the rare gem to come along. It’s a mixed up
desire as your last relationship might continue to haunt your

Wellness ****

Think about pampering yourself and your body. After going
overboard, a little detox treatment is a good thing.

Career *****

A situation evolves for your benefit. One might ask you to work
in the direction of a team and organize a fascinating project.
The group expects you to be dedicated and alas this
appreciation splits opinions. Jealousy continues to rage.



In Relationship *

Dissonances from Mars and Uranus are making you see your
partner in a negative light. Dear Scorpio, it seems like the
honeymoon period is well and truly over! Your relationship is
hanging in the balance and crisis talks are on the agenda for
today. You’re tired of banging your head against a brick wall
and think you could both do with some space.

Single *

The 7th of December 2017 looks set to be an interesting day for
your love life! There will be plenty of attention from the
opposite szeksz but a few let downs as well. If you’ve got your
heart set on a certain someone then try not to get carried away
with your thoughts. The stars suggest that their intentions may
not be as honorable as they seem…

Wellness *

Your energy levels are at an all time low and Mars’s presence
could have something to do with it. Fatigue is setting in…

Career **

Your inability to work under pressure is your Achilles’ heel
and you won’t be able to hide it today. Dissonances from Uranus
will ensure that even your boss notices your inability to think
on your feet. You haven’t won yourself any gold stars today…

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