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Horoscopes for tomorrow 07-12-2017 “It’s not sure that this day is in keeping with your wishes…”


Horoscopes for tomorrow 07-12-2017 “It’s not sure that this day is in keeping with your wishes…”

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In Relationship ***

You don’t want to draw any quick conclusions but since you are
very much in love, you will easily be able to pick up on your
sweetheart’s attitude. And you won’t be very happy about what
you will see. A bit calculating, you will avoid requests for
explanations. You won’t stick to it either. You will be natural
as much as possible.

Single ***

Under the Mercury/Saturn conjunction, you will have three
possible options. Stay theoretical about it, by asking yourself
questions and by analyzing why and how this romance failed.
Talk with this flirt to understand why they dropped you. Move
on and accept an invite from the person who has a crush on you.

Wellness *****

In order to find energy and calm, think about gardening or to
deal with your houseplants.

Career **

You will always have a fighting spirit, but what you will try
to set up will be harder to accomplish. You will have to fight
to assert yourself. Your higher up will basically
systematically put down everything that you will suggest.



In Relationship ***

You and your partner agree that you should both keep some of
your independence… However, you won’t appreciate being told a
secret regarding your lover from one of your mutual
acquaintances! Talk to them face to face about it. There’s no
need to start sulking alone like a moody teenager…

Single ***

An unexpected encounter could well cause you to take a huge
step backwards on the sentimental front today. If an ex of
yours is back on the scene, try to remember why you cut off all
contact with them in the first place… Don’t let nostalgia get
the better of you! Things didn’t work out between you two for a
very good reason.

Wellness ***

Spending some time alone will help you relax and put your
problems into perspective today. Don’t worry, everything will
soon start falling into place.

Career ***

A change in personnel or working equipment cannot be ruled out
in this domain today. Roll your sleeves up and be as flexible
as you can in the workplace. The quicker you adapt, the safer
your position will be…



In Relationship ******

Your personality might trigger sparks during inappropriate
moments. Careful with your remarks, think ten times before
speaking. Clashes remain possible, despite sincere feelings due
to your attitude. You have the perfect love life, as long as
you’re not too demanding.

Single ******

No changes in the horizon. Your emotional life remains virtual,
between thoughts and nostalgia. You don’t wish to change
anything in your everyday life. For the moment, your relational
life is enough to fulfill your daily life. Affinities with
friends promotes your well-being. Someone might express their

Wellness *****

You’re extremely dynamic and you can tackle a lot of work.
Don’t forget to take a break,given your pace.

Career *****

You review your evolution and it seems favorable. Stars in
Sagittarius roll out the red carpet. Your address book might
play a favorable role in your evolution. One of your friends
might help you with your social rise.



In Relationship ****

You know your partner like the back of your hand and you
realize they have been thinking long and hard about your
relationship. If you are not yet married then don’t be
surprised if they pop the big question today! You feel ready to
move to the next stage of your relationship and have no doubts
in the stability of your future as a couple. Everything is
hunky dory!

Single ****

Dear Pisces, your excessive nature and over the top demands
could lead you down the wrong path when it comes to love.
You’ve found yourself going off the beaten track and it’s
making you feel anxious. Your fiery nature is more apparent
than ever and your love interests are starting to keep their
distance. Tone it down a bit!

Wellness ****

If you feel you’ve overindulged on fatty foods then you’ll make
up for it with plenty of exercise. It’s all about balance.

Career ***

You take your career seriously and are proud of everything you
have accomplished. You’ll even go as far as encouraging the
youngsters in your family to follow the same career path.
Remember that not everyone is cut out for this profession…

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