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Your Horoscope for the Week of August 14

Weekly horoscope

Your Horoscope for the Week of August 14

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.


All eyes are on you now, which means it’s naturally one of your favorite weeks of the summer! Sunday is a perfect day to reconnect with your bae on an emotional level. Pampering each other will bring you even closer together. An uplifting trine between the sun in your sign and innovative Uranus on Tuesday bodes very well for your love life and for any travel plans you have on the horizon. You are on fire right now so let your creative vision shine. But it’s the full moon in your zone of relationships Thursday that will prove to be your favorite day of the week. Making others feel special will only boost your own szekszy karma. Get out of town this weekend if you can swing it.


Feel your way through this week, Virgo, since you may be a bit all over the place. Sunday is a spectacularly romantic day when alluring Venus, currently transiting through your sign, makes an opposition to sensitive Neptune in your zone of love. You two are either totally in sync or the holes in your relationship have become glaringly obvious. If the same old problems keep resurfacing, take notice. A fiery trine between the sun and radical Uranus on Tuesday brings you a strong flash of intuition that will confirm your feelings. Take the opportunity to ground yourself during the full moon Thursday by getting some exercise and chilling in your happy place. Friday is the best date night of the weekend.


This could turn out to be one of the most fun, and social, weeks of the summer. Take it a bit easy Sunday — having some quiet time to rest and relax, or getting your head straight at the gym, will get you in the right frame of mind. A glowing trine between the sun and unique Uranus on Tuesday could prove to be very romantic, so make plans to hang with a crush or hit the town, and let a spontaneous flirtation appear. You could also realize you have BF feelings about a BFF. The good news keeps rolling, with Thursday’s full moon falling in your zone of true love and fun. This is the epitome of a hot summer night. So is Saturday when the moon is in feisty Aries. So live life to the max right now!


Don’t be afraid to shake things up this week! Romance thrives Sunday when a spontaneous picnic in the park or a house party could turn out to be one of your favorite days of the summer. You are on fire at work Tuesday when you get the validation from a VIP. Your vision is unique and powerful, and now others are finally truly catching on. The full moon Thursday falls in your zone of home and family, so you may be at an important turning point with someone in your inner circle. Put the past behind you and start a new chapter together. Friday will be your favorite night out this weekend.


This is a busy and super-fun week for you, ideal for adventure and travel. Sync up with your inner goals and priorities Sunday when it may feel like some very special dreams are coming true. They are! So bask in this moment, and don’t forget where you started and how far you have come. A glorious trine between the sun and innovative Uranus on Tuesday could bring you a hot new crush, or the opportunity for a fun travel adventure — so pack your bags! Thursday’s full moon will reconnect you with old friends and acquaintances. And with the moon in your zone of true love and fun Saturday night, you truly end the week with a bang.


You may be tempted to push extremes this week, Capricorn. An alluring opposition between Venus, the planet of love, and mystical Neptune on Sunday will bring the exact right person into your life at the right time- like magic! This is great for your creative flow. Tuesday could bring some unexpected news that could bode very well for your bottom line financially. All your hard work is paying off in very tangible ways. Thursday’s full moon could turn out to be a bit of a hedonistic one where you are tapped into your deepest desires, so treat yourself, just don’t overdo it. Spend time reconnecting with friends this weekend.


Lauren Ahn

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