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Why You Fall In Love With A Girl, Based On Her Zodiac Sign


Why You Fall In Love With A Girl, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

January 20th – February 18th
She may be quiet and simple, but you can always be sure enough of her honesty and loyalty. You might get surprise on how she views life but you just have to accept the fact that she handles herself in an unorthodox way. Her smile is like the beaming sunrise of the summer season. She’s very easy on the eyes, merry and always cheerful. A single flower can make her day and she’s highly appreciable. She may be tolerant and very patient but don’t get her to her boiling point or you’ll see what you’re searching for. Let that smile stay and never ever make her cry. Because once you broke her trust, you would be hoping for a lesser chance to take her love back.

February 19th – March 20th
Under that gullible, fine-looking lady, is a brilliant mind that may surprise you. She’s a bit intimidating but you can never let her go. She had that smart way to make you stay, to a point when you just want to spend the whole day talking to her and would still feel productive at the end of the day. Her gentle nature can make your heart pump like there’s no tomorrow, making you fall in love with her over and over again. She can be passionately devoted to you but don’t take advantage of her. Treat her like a princess and she would surely treat you as her prince.

March 21st – April 19th
Her creative mind and her insightful personality would leave you giggling yourself under your pillow. She’s an extrovert. A transparent soul you would never dare to make her cry. She has this aura of a child, who had no capacity to lie, to fake, or to be someone she is not. Her extreme sense of humor would make your day complete, ending it with vigorous laughter and energy. You would never get bored being with her because she could make you happy as much as you make her feel the same way. Treat her as your best friend and you would be confident enough to say that you have someone to be there for you, in sickness or in health, for good or bad.

April 20th – May 20th
She may be stubborn, for that’s her nature, or strong-willed, or literally, strong. But once you opened up the gate to her heart, you will find the softest heart you could ever know. She’s very understanding and kind. Always willing to help in times of need. Her heart is full of determination and she can easily find an inspiration to anything. Be that inspiration. Show her that you deserve her heart. Make her feel that she’s special, that she don’t have to face the world alone. Expect her to be a bit bossy, but always remember that whatever happens, she’s a girl and a good talk can make her understand you.

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