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Daily Love Horoscopes for Tuesday – “Gigantic Jupiter is now ready to leave your sign after occupying it for a year…”

Love horoscope

Daily Love Horoscopes for Tuesday – “Gigantic Jupiter is now ready to leave your sign after occupying it for a year…”

Check out your Love horoscope for Today at


Check out your Love horoscope for Today at


For some reason, a lover’s offer of help seems to have an ulterior motive and you’re worried that they may be trying to influence you in some way today. Even though Mercury in lovely Libra sits comfortably in your 7th House of Companions, it also contains a conflicted square with Pluto, prompting you to question the fate of your love relationship. Having a conversation about your mutual goals as well as your personal ones will make all the difference in the world right now.


It’s your intention to make sure your day goes swimmingly today, especially in your love relationship. Just be aware that you can’t possibly know the future and you should still do anything you can to roll with changes as they happen. Even if there’s a hiccup in your romantic world, you have the cosmic support of the flexible Gemini Moon and it will give you the power to handle anything you encounter with grace.


You like to think of yourself as someone who can be eloquent when it matters, particularly in the way you handle matters of the heart. Today you’ll have to be careful with your words because in your attempt to communicate a message, you may say something that could upset your sweetheart. Instead of letting this turn into an argument, just let the matter go or see if you can wait until the confusing energy passes.


You’re doing yourself a disservice by not speaking your mind just because you don’t want to create friction in your love relationship today. You must stand up for what you want or the one you love will never really know how to make you happy. You deserve to have a good, balanced experience when you’re seeing someone; Trust that the one who has your heart wants to know what you need so that they can fulfill your desires.


Just because you’ve been able to say something shocking in the past and get away with it doesn’t mean you can walk away unscathed from a comment your lover doesn’t like. You’re just trying to make a point but your sentiment may not be clear to the one you love. Luckily, you have the gentle Gemini Moon moving through your 11th House of Networking, helping you nip the issue in the bud. Take the high road, be humble and you can avoid creating trouble in paradise right now.


Now that your key planet Mercury creates an enigmatic square with persistent Pluto in your 5th House of Self-Expression, you’re motivated to make an important point to the one you love today. In fact, you may become quite adamant to be taken seriously and you could create some stress with your significant other in the process. It’s important to remember that remaining flexible can do wonders for your love relationship, but hopefully you won’t realize this too late.


Gigantic Jupiter is now ready to leave your sign after occupying it for a year. This departure may manifest within you a feeling of emotional urgency as you realize it’s time to take a bold step in your love life today. You can feel yourself getting closer to a moment when the opportunity slips through your fingers, so you’re literally lighting a fire under you to take advantage of the passionate potential. Even if the unknown terrifies you, facing it is key.


You’re feeling fairly private at this moment, even with someone you’re seeing and have come to trust. You’re feeling the pull of your romantic future and you want to examine your emotions about the one you love before taking bigger steps together. However, letting them into your heart is exactly what will help you figure things out. In fact, the feelings you’re keeping secret need to come out so that you can see if your sweetheart reciprocates.


If someone tries to get your attention with small talk or shallow observations, that isn’t going to click with you today. You’re after a lot more depth in matters of the heart and you’re not likely to give time to anyone who stays close to shore. Just remember, however, that this person may be shy or unwilling to reveal much about themselves at first. Having an open mind and being patient can work to your advantage at this moment.


You’re not going to give an inch in your stubborn defense of an opinion that is in conflict with your partner’s views right now. You’re not willing to budge on this issue, even though your lover is willing to talk about it. This is an exacting, tiring spin cycle and it won’t advance your love connection; however, if you can open your mind and consider the situation from a different point of view, not only can you learn something, but you may even save your romantic connection from taking a beating.


You want to take a class or learn a new skill, so it’s surprising when your significant other says something that may seem like a lack of support. Before you mess everything up making assumptions about this situation, consider what the one you love is trying to tell you. There may be something you haven’t considered and by listening to what your sweetheart has to say, you may be able to get a perspective on this situation. Open your mind and see what you find.


As a love relationship problem heats up today, you’ll try to embrace a logical position, only to find that it may be almost impossible to do so. You’re still quite enamored with your way of seeing the situation and you may be unwilling to view things from your significant other’s point of view. If you have the wisdom and emotional capacity to be impartial and openminded, you’ll do your romantic partnership a huge favor. This is emotional wisdom at its best and it will serve your love connection well.

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