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Daily Love Horoscopes for Monday “Romantic relationship circumstances may be a little wonky at the moment…”

Love horoscope

Daily Love Horoscopes for Monday “Romantic relationship circumstances may be a little wonky at the moment…”

Check out your Love horoscope for Today at


Check out your Love horoscope for Today at


Romantic relationship circumstances may be a little wonky at the moment, especially if you feel your lover isn’t being fair with you in some way. You’re trying to communicate but there is no real information collaboration going on and it just feels like things aren’t headed in a positive direction today. Don’t do the same thing to your partner as you feel is being done to you right now: Take the high road and don’t stop your attempts to tear down that wall.


Words don’t seem to be flowing as you’d like them to, making this a difficult day to share your heart with the one you love today. Luckily, serious Saturn inspects courteous Venus as she roams through your 5th House of Love, showing you that this is no time to shrink from a relationship challenge like this. At first, it won’t be easy to speak your piece, but once you get going, your heart will take the microphone and amplify exactly what you need to say.


It’s no fun trying to share the passionate contents of your heart to know avail. You’re doing everything you can to make the object of your affections know how you feel but the words aren’t coming, or if they are, no one seems to be hearing them. But wait! Before you give up, consider the fact that perhaps the one you love is simply being coy because they’re unsure of their own emotions. Stay sweet. Be yourself and continue whispering your message of love, patiently.


There’s nothing too complicated about what you want from love right now. Like everyone, all you want is simple joy and perhaps a modicum of commitment from the one you love. Unfortunately, when attention-seeking Venus moves through your 3rd House of Communication as it squares negative Saturn the whole way, you may feel that even this is too much for your sweetheart to deal with right now. Do your best to keep a positive attitude because this funky energy will be gone soon.


You seem to have a good amount of optimism in your heart, but it may not be easy to make a romantic connection with the one you love today. It’s like everything is compressed and uncomfortable. And yet, this isn’t enough to dissuade you continuing to do your best for your relationship. You know something amazing is on the other side of this unusual day and you’re just waiting for everything to line up just as you know in your heart that it will. By tomorrow nothing will be able to stand in your way.


You have so much to do today, that you may not be able to spend the quality time you’ve been waiting to spend with your significant other. Despite potential obstacles, you know that your love relationship means more to you than almost anything else in your life at this moment and you’re going to do whatever you can to find a way. If you are not in a committed relationship at this moment, your romantic goal should be to follow your passion in whatever way that you believe will make your heart sing right now.


Your occasional grumpy mood is back today and you’re going to work hard to avoid getting into heated conversations that may end up messing things up with your lover. Be careful not to spin into an even darker, more shadowy emotion because it’ll be hard to climb out of it. Believe it or not, if you really want to be back in the light, share your burden with the one you love. Tell them what you’re going through. It’s quite possible they’ll totally understand and shower you with the support you may not have known you needed.


Self-doubt is a common issue when you’re in the early stages of a love connection. Today, you’re not sure if the hot vibe you’re getting from your sweetheart is legit. Luckily, you’re not one to sit in silence under a cloud of confusion for long. Initiating a deep talk may not be easy, but if you can find a way to open your heart, you may inspire the one you love to open up their own heart right back at you.


You want to get closer to a really specific goal in your love life, but it still seems so far away at this point. A part of you may even consider switching gears altogether and shake things up completely in hopes of starting fresh. Take some time to focus on what’s really in your heart because before you turn your romantic world upside down, you want to try to make sure you’re going to be happy with the results.


Not only are your romantic goals clearer than ever, you’re now willing to make a bigger commitment than you have been willing to make in a long, long time. You know that some big changes are ahead of you, so you want to really spend time contemplating your passionate plans. You realize there’s no reason to rush this process because when it comes to love, you like to take the slow lane these days.


A familiar feeling may come upon you today, one where you are suddenly aware of a very positive feeling related to you love relationship. However, you’re quite hesitant to give into this joy because you’ve been disappointed before. Use this experience to be aware of the buzz in your heart but don’t bet the farm on this specific scenario that you want so much, at least not yet. If it works out, great. If it doesn’t, so be it. You’re an Aquarius! You’re ready for anything!


You never like to say no when your lover asks you for a favor, but you have so many commitments today, it may be difficult to for you to say yes. If you’re fairly sure committing to what the one you love asks of you will mess things up at work or with another friend, simply find a nice way to ask to for your sweetheart’s understanding. Your honesty will not only help your love relationship in this moment, it will remind you in the future that you have to take care of your own needs too.

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