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Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday “A sweet, frivolous invitation arrives today — one that involves nothing but fun…”


Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday “A sweet, frivolous invitation arrives today — one that involves nothing but fun…”

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Recent events that you’re somewhat less than pleased about
might make it tempting to just hop in the car, on a bus or on a
plane — basically, to go anywhere but here. That’s not really
your style, though — you’re used to facing life head on, and
there’s simply no reason for you to do anything differently
now. Show up as expected with a grin and a wise comment.



As is so often the case, you’ve got something to show the
world. This time, the lesson involves the virtue of subtlety at
a time when it’s far easier for us all to just give in and make
a show of things. Strutting your stuff — the same way the rest
of the planet’s population is strutting theirs — may be the
easy thing to do, but that just doesn’t tempt you. On the other
hand, you prefer to go your own way.Looking for answers? Watch
a live ritual and Chat Now.



You’ve already paid your dues, and nobody can argue with that.
Your karmic account should now be firmly in the black, so it’s
definitely time for some much-deserved fun. Someone out there
has noticed what you’ve been through lately, and they’re more
than willing to offer up their services to show you how to have
fun again. Go along on whatever adventure they’ve planned.Is he
cheating on you? Enter a Live Psychic Chat Now to find out!



You do not expect it from them, but a coworker does you a
tremendous favor today. You’re not expecting this particular
person to go out of their way for you, and you’re pleasantly
surprised to note that they also don’t take a single bit of
credit for it. They may try to be totally anonymous in their
efforts — if so, don’t make a big deal of it, but do offer
them a wink and a smile.Looking for guidance? Click here to
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