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Daily Horoscopes for Thursday “There’s some potent, active energy coming your way today, so seize the day…”


Daily Horoscopes for Thursday “There’s some potent, active energy coming your way today, so seize the day…”

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Your ideals grind against the real world today in a difficult
way, but the reality check is much needed. Your magnanimity and
optimistic outlook are traits that work for you, but it could
be that you need to look at the bottom line with an
accountant’s eye. Make a list of pros and cons, and consider
checking with an expert of some kind. You don’t love focusing
on money, but if you do so — right now — it should save you
some future stress.Looking for guidance? Consult a spiritual
advisor now



Everything is going more or less your way right now, and if you
take a good look around you, everything seems to be swimming
along nicely. If you take off the rose-colored glasses for a
minute, you can make the most of all your good energy. Take a
good look at how the day unfolds and how you can make it even
better — for you and for everyone else. That way, your karma
gets a boost, too!



Whether you’re going through your email backlog, speaking
delicately with a friend or coworker or just sweeping that
filthy floor, something you’ve been meaning to do for a while
just doesn’t seem all that scary anymore. Seize this great
energy while you’ve it’s hot and jump right in. You may even
find yourself inspired to put something new on your task list
— and then cross it off almost before the ink is dry.



You’re the paragon of multitasking today, and with a bit of
care, you can make amazing progress on any number of projects
at once. Your resourceful energy means you know when to step
back — an important skill for you now — and you’re also on
top of picking your top priorities and a feasible (but still
impressive) schedule. Adopt a fresh perspective and take all
this excellence into realms beyond work.

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