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Daily Horoscopes for Saturday “When someone odd comes along with a message, listen closely…”


Daily Horoscopes for Saturday “When someone odd comes along with a message, listen closely…”

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For you, the best part of socializing is running into people
who are on similar career paths — or on paths that simply
cross now and again. You’ve had several such encounters
recently, and it may have only just dawned on you that one of
them could be helpful to you. Ring them up and see if they
agree. If not, they may very well know someone who could do
right by you.



Being direct has many advantages — for example, it’s quite
appealing to romantic prospects and a total friend magnet. It’s
the fire that draws them in, whether feels like a warm
fireplace or a raging forest fire. That terrifically hypnotic
quality is there in you right now. Someone who wants to court
you, for any of a wide range of reasons, shows you some fire in
return today, and you should find it quite appealing.



Every now and then, you wake up to find yourself walking right
through the middle of a day in which everyone is out to be
nothing but pleasant to each other — but this is how you are
almost every day. It doesn’t happen often enough, but when it
does — like today — your peaceful soul can’t get enough. For
the first time in too long, you feel like you’re living with
kindred spirits.



When it’s time to tell their secrets, most folks turn to you.
It takes quite a lot to shock you, for one thing. Second,
you’re as trustworthy as they come — with wisdom to match.
When a relative or neighbor comes to you now with a furtive
look on their face, you know right away what they need. Show
them in, make some tea and silence your phone, as it could take
a while.

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