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Daily Horoscopes for Monday “It’s officially time for you to renew your interest in yourself…”


Daily Horoscopes for Monday “It’s officially time for you to renew your interest in yourself…”

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You’ve spent lots of time lately thinking about one particular
person. Now, you finally have the chance to actually spend some
quality time with them. You may have a lot to say — and you
are certainly ready to say it — but the problem is that they
do, too. Let them go on as long as they like. It’s an
investment in your future together, if there is to be one.Who’s
in your future?



You’re all set for a sweetly romantic evening — and if you’re
lucky, that energy could last for the next 48 hours. You likely
find that your companion needs a serious heart-to-heart
conversation — but it can’t ruin the mood. Once you’ve decided
where you are and where you’re going, you should probably end
up being a lot closer than you were to start with.



Things have been pretty crazy for you lately, and your loved
ones haven’t been quite sure what to do with you. Your phone
should be ringing off the hook, actually. You’ve been offering
sensible, rational advice — which is really all you can do
right now, anyway. When you’re asked for your counsel once
again, you might wonder what’s really going on. People might
not really be looking for instructions as much as they’re
looking for comfort.Is he cheating on you?



You’ve got another nice, quiet day — the stuff that lovely
memories are made of. Your heart is primed for romance,
tenderness and the exchange of truly meaningful words with the
right person. Spend as much of your time as you possibly can
with someone who shares your affectionate feelings, even if
you’re just friends. You know exactly who to invite along for
the ride, so get on the phone.Looking for guidance?

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