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Daily Horoscopes for Monday “It’s officially time for you to renew your interest in yourself…”


Daily Horoscopes for Monday “It’s officially time for you to renew your interest in yourself…”

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New orders are coming down from above, and while you’re not
exactly happy about them, you still have to live with them —
temporarily, at least! If you’ve been thinking about finding
some new way to earn your living, this could be just the excuse
you’re looking for. On the other hand, if you like your current
spot, don’t just resign yourself to all this. You can work
things out eventually with just a little extra effort — and
some of your legendary charm!



Deep friendships and long-distance travel are on your agenda —
and you can combine the two if you get creative. Whether you
end up traveling to see a friend, road-tripping with a friend
or receiving a visit from a long-lost loved one, it should be a
time to remember. Keep your eyes — and your mind — wide open.
Far-off places and people offer the perfect opportunity to
stretch, grow and expand those horizons.



Are you still in the mood to stay home and forget all about the
rest of the world? If you can afford to take some time off,
talk your partner or your best friend into hunkering down with
you. Even one day away from it all, especially when it’s on
your schedule to start with, can bring back memories of
carefree times when taking a risk felt bold and exciting —
like when you got brave enough to stay home from school when
you were perfectly healthy.



You insist on depth, intensity, and passion in all your
encounters, and anyone who wastes your time with meaningless
chit-chat doesn’t rate a second conversation. At the moment,
though, you amaze even yourself with how much you enjoy
chatting with almost anyone on pretty much any topic. You’re
feeling lighthearted and easy with your emotions — for good
reason!Looking for answers?

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