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Daily Horoscopes for Friday “Your energy should put you in an great mood, so indulge them…”


Daily Horoscopes for Friday “Your energy should put you in an great mood, so indulge them…”

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Your fondness for parties, get-togethers with your people, and
meeting new folks with interesting accents (and even more
interesting tales to tell) is mythic, as is your ability to be
just as entertaining as anyone else. Get out tonight, but make
sure you’ve got someone by your side so you can make the most
of your social energy in the company of great friends.



It’s weird how casual friends or acquaintances can bump into
you suddenly, get to chatting, and suddenly make you realize
just how much you have in common beyond the obvious. How could
you never have noticed? It just wasn’t the right time, unlike
now, and nothing ever happens until your energies are ready to
sync up. If you’re attached, try not to worry — those sparks
are about to blaze up in a big way.



Relationships bring surprises today, whether they’re platonic
(really), professional or romantic. Someone new, offbeat and
probably rebellious (your favorite) is coming your way. As
usual, running into them under extremely weird circumstances is
on the agenda — and of course, this makes your encounter even
more appealing to both of you. Quite a bit had to happen to
ensure your meeting!



Love, romance, and all kinds of intriguing possibilities are in
the air — and while you’d rather be hiding in your room, once
you meet this new person (or persons), you’re game to stay out
in the sunshine and get to know them better. The last thing
you’d ever expect is exactly what’s on your agenda for now.
Instead of griping that you’d rather be cloistered away with a
book, enjoy this new company.

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